Saturday, November 17, 2012

Well Worth the Wait

I won a giveaway from Eileen of Dorset Hill Beads back in August.  Check out some of her work in my post about winning and her blog.  She's a great lady and a truly creative spirit.

She even sent me a second gift since the mail system decided to hide the original package from the two of us.  That was above and beyond since it was simply a giveaway.  I received the package weeks ago, but only when I was under my beading table cleaning rouge beads from the tracks of the sliding glass doors did I finally find the tag that must have slipped out when I opened it.  So now I can thank her properly.  Thank you for the awesome gift.  There are no better coasters in the world!  I love coasters by the way, and am never in possession of less than 4 sets.
they're super absorbent.
they're over-sized which means great for hot bowl of soup too.
 and best of all...
Thanks again for the great gift Eileen.  I love gifts I can use.

DorsetHillBeads on etsy 



  1. oh I remember when we both won the same time from different blogs. I did get my beads but still haven't done anything with them. The coasters are cute and it's always nice to win something. :)

  2. yea...i'm so glad you received the second idea what happened to the first one...oh well, someone may have received a goodie package LOL...
    use the coasters well and enjoy the tag (made with love)...

    ...and...thanks for serving our country...sending a blessing for you and families like yours...


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