Friday, April 27, 2012

Messy, Messy Girl

This is where I work. It's a fold out table I bought for yard sales when we lived in the States.  
Here in my tiny apartment in Japan I set it up in front of the balcony door in my bedroom. In the beginning I spent all my time unpacking and repacking the beading box (below) every time I wanted to create. Then there were 2 boxes.  Next came 5 perfect bead boxes then it was no longer portable.  The boxes are above on the right of the table...yep there's 11 now.
Lord only knows what's in here now.  I just rake things into it when my bed table is still full after I tidy it.  I see scraps of paper "I might need," boxes that "might come in handy," and a bead I'm so in love with I take out it's package, gawk at and put right back in it's package. As I write this my subconscious is screaming "What is WRONG with you women!" while my alter-ego snickers "Who cares?" Next is a project tray, most of the time the table is so full I just take my project tray elsewhere.
I must note the basket inside a basket method for storing tools does not work yet I keep piling them back in there. On the other hand that picture frame with the looped edge is great for holding earrings. So what's under that tray?
Yep, you guessed it.  It's another tray!  At least this project is finished.  Come back on the 29th to see my next Beading Babes reveal. We should be nearing the bottom of the pile so I move the tray and discover...
a catalog from one of those home businesses with a pendant doodle.  I wake up or can't fall asleep and have to doodle my idea out, but why did I toss the whole book on the table?  Because my idea binder that I should put the single page in is not accessible.
Yeah, see that big green binder (top center)?  What an avalanche I would cause to pull it out to store my doodle. Oh my!  I can see laundry in this shot.  My word, I didn't realize it was this bad.  I must draw your attention to the fake nail storage boxes (bottom center).  They are great for 2-3mm crystals/pearls and up to about 50 4mm bicones.  These came from the 100 yen store which is Japan's version of a Dollar Tree.
 Back to the center of the table LOOK we finally found table!  I spy pendant trays, a crystal beaded bead below a dried Queen Anne's lace, a bag of natural jade, a dog tag, sea glass...ok that's enough of the hidden object game.
I can't even identify most of this stuff.  The jar with the cupcake cards on it is brown sea glass.  The Jif jar is blue, green & white sea glass.  The brown box hold my son's polymer clay that I keep considering playing with. On top of it is a glimpse of my beading babes bracelet. And of course there is a giant glass of ice tea.  I may have to go get a glass now just looking at it.  My husband is from Alabama.  He makes excellent sweet tea. Ok few more pictures, and then you'll be done with me so you can have your own cup of tea.
This is what is under my table.  The giant tub on the bottom is what little sewing supplies I have here.  My sewing machine is down here behind all this mess.  Beading box #2 has my metal stamp stuff that I got for Christmas.  I have only used it once because I'm afraid I'm going to bring my fold out table down on my lap.  Rolls of great washi paper.  I'm stocking up since we wont live here forever or at least that's what I tell my husband.  The priority box has sea urchins in it.  I find spines all over the beaches here, but I bought these for Christmas tree ornaments.  If you can bear with me for one more photo I'll show you a urchin tree in progress.
There it is!  A cute little white tree that didn't make the cut last year, but should find a tree to hang on this year. Oh and what's that on the calendar?  Yes, my birthday was yesterday.  I'm officially another year older and wiser.  Woo Hoo I'm 32!

**At the start of this year my workspace was clean. Click here to see it before the disaster that is my creative process.
*I cleaned after these photos were taken, but here's what it looks like as this is posted:

This is the longest post I've ever done, but I just read that we should tell you
about ourselves & our work. Crap!

I don't sell my work. Though I may have to start because I have quite a collection of resin pendants.
 Most of the time I give my jewelry away to people I care about.  My husband laughed when
 we went to dinner with friends, and I got back in the car "missing" a piece of jewelry. 

My tribute piece will be the first piece I've ever received money for from someone
I've never actually met. I've already donated twice that amount to a charity though.  

I just made some pieces for my friends I'm proud of if you want to check them out
or come back on the 29th to see my next beading reveal.

Other than that, I am a gardener,
bedroom balcony
 and loved by the two greatest guys in the world.
Who could ask for anything more?

Now it's time to go see someone else's mess.

Brenda Sue Lansdowne-our lovely hostess
Thank you for this opportunity.  I should probably go clean up now.

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  1. Love your workshop! Love your garden!

  2. I don;t know why I didn't hop on this blog hop when I first saw it, but my workshop is usually a disaster too! Thank you for sharing all your chaos. I adore the fact that you have a special bead you take out and look at, then put away. I have SEVERAL of those. Oh dear.
    Being an Alabama girl myself, I was praying your iced tea was sweet (that's really the only way to drink it ;) )
    Your little nail boxes remind me of the medication boxes (the ones marked with the days of the week on them) that I got from the Dollar Tree to store some of my seed beads in. HA!
    Lastly, I love your sea urchin Christmas tress. What a really neat idea!
    Thanks so much for sharing your workspace in all its messy glory!

  3. Hi Ginger! I sure enjoyed your workshop tour. I would feel right at home in your space, with all of those amazing goodies to work with! Happy belated b-day (you didn't mention it!)...wish I knew. I hope 32 is a wonderful year!! That is how old I was when I had my second son.
    Have a great weekend ahead! :-)

  4. woops, let me try this again -- I've been to Japan so totally understand the space issue!

  5. Your small space is well organized or at least it seems so to me. At least you dared to show what was under the table. What a great view from your window.

  6. That's a good deal of space for the pricey real estate in Japan. I understand! I love it that you put in a photo of your two best guys. ♥ ~ Brassy

  7. Great job, thank you so much for being part, I just loved your post. I love that you included the two best guys in your life, they are what makes everything worthwhile. XOXO to you, thanks for sharing your world with us. B'sue

  8. Happy Birthday! Loved touring your space.

  9. I love the Washi paper. I got some glass tiles and ICE resined it on them and it is so pretty. It is VERY expensive here so stock up. Beautiful area to work in.

  10. I need to get some of that paper as I've seen some people use it for some great resin work. The urchin trees are really cool. Great pic of the family too!

  11. Great tour! And you need to be selling that pretty jewelry!

  12. Loved your post. Really pretty space to work in. Stock up on the Washi paper while you can, it is really expensive here.

  13. Happy Birthday! So glad you shared your space and loved all the treasures. Warmly, Tracy

  14. Happy belated birthday :) You should consider selling some of your work! Those pendants in the tubs look good :)If you're not sure about selling yet, you could always try doing a challenge on your blog, inviting a set number of participants to receive one of your resin pieces and create something with it :)

  15. Nice mess!, What are you doing in Japan?, I guess I need to read the rest of your blog :), thanks for the tour!!!

  16. Not that's some good creative workspace there! Love it! thanks for the tour!

  17. Ginger, I am in Japan too! I am in Kashiwa, Chiba-ken. Are you in Tokyo? Do you go to Asakusabashi Bead Town to buy beads??? You can get Miyuki beads for 50% off at the Miyuki store (called Bead Factory). There are over 40 bead shops packed into half a block or so of space. I don't live in an apartment, but I know what you mean about having to fit your life into tiny Japanese spaces!! Your work space looks like fun!!

  18. I love the mess you're in!!! Looks organized to me. And what a beautiful family and garden. I'm a gardener, too. Gotta do something to get me off my.....

  19. Sell them! Share. I agree with Skye.

  20. Thanks for sharing and I am quite sure beads multiply when you turn off the light...Your men are quite handsome and your husband accepts your love of crafting...I love the sea urchins, what a great idea for a tree...Gerry

  21. HI, Ginger - Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your great workspace with make beautiful things there. If you ever start selling your pendants, you will do great - they are fantastic!

  22. I loved seeing your mess and I too have those special beads that I take out every now and then just to look at and hold for a while. One day I will make something really special with them. I am from Augusta, Georiga and like your DH we do love our sweet tea! You have a lovely family and thank you for sharing with us.

  23. Loved what you call a mess, Ginger! Also, happy Birthday! (belated) I always loved getting stuff from the Japanese hardware stores. I guess the dollar stores are a version of those. We used to make "culture packages" and send them home, my mom loved them. Your jewelry is AWESOME! I took a beaded cab class since we "talked" last. You really motivated me to get going with those seed beads. I also started my blog again. Loved seeing your Men!

  24. Ginger, you have a fabulous mess, I'm so loving it!

    hahahaha Fake nail storage boxes?!?! I'm on my way to the dollar store tomorrow!!! LOL That is a really nifty idea!!!

    LOL You have a great sense of humor! I love it! The hidden object game! These pictures would be great for it, wouldn't they?!?! LOL

    Wow, I really enjoyed seeing your workshop! You have so many great things!!!

    And I am in love with your resin pendants! That is something I really want to learn how to do! =) Yours are just gorgeous!!!

    You have an amazing place to create in! I love the view from your balcony! Thank you for sharing with us! =)

  25. Hi, Ginger. Happy belated birthday! Thanks for the cool tour. You have a great sense of humor. I love your resin pendants - if you decide to sell them I think you would do well. I joined your blog.


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