Monday, March 20, 2017

What She Received

While we wait on my beads to arrive for the Bead Peeps swap, 
I will show you what Heather received from me here in Japan.
Seed beads (of course), fancy magnetic clasp, 
Swarovski beaded beads made by little 'ole me & a few treats. 
So lets chat about the extras since I refuse to fold laundry.

I like sending a little dish when I do swaps from Japan. 
They have so many cute, tiny dishes here.
Kokeshi pen (Kokeshi traditionally are wooden dolls with a simple body and a large head.)
Fancy chocolates (So many fancy chocolates here around Valentine's day. I bought my son a sculpted frog and my husband some that were planets while shopping for Heather.)

Then some cherry blossom or sakura findings.
Finally some clear glass balls with caps so you can fill them. 
I bought some of those for myself too. 
Any suggestions on what I should fill them with?
I have a pair also so I'm thinking earrings. 
I saw examples filled with bicones, firepolish, 
feathers & rabbit fur. What would you fill them with?

Couple pictures of projects I've completed since you last heard from me.
What have you been working on?