Monday, March 2, 2015

Swap N Hop Update LOOK what I got!

So Peggy sent my beads super speedy a with an order I placed from her etsy shop.
(My purchases isn't pictured b/c they are for projects with their own reveal dates.)

So what do we have here:
spiky mermaid by Green Girl Pewter
silver clasp with scroll design

Holy Crap! 

My kit has disappeared. 


I have 2 identical trays. 

Yep, the beads were on the other tray.

Geesh! Okay, back to it...
vintage glass from an estate "Super Old + (Peggy's) favorite!!!"
pink glass center drilled beads
Czech cubes with star impressions
3mm silver rondelles
4mm purple/grey stone rondelles marked SSD Peggy what stone is that?
4mm light garnet Czech glass &
a tube of clear round size 11 seed beads

So many ideas are bouncing around, but nothing that combines the items. 
All my thoughts take the individual items and put them in different pieces. 
Soon I'm heading out to meet the Beading Babes to get their input.
Is that cheating? 
UPDATE:  They said a lariat with blocks of color like an Indian blanket. Hum...

Before I go here's the "beading" I've been doing lately.
 These are scrap wood bases I cut, painted & covered
in cut up Mardi Gras beads using E6000.
Well, I did till 3 tubes of E6000 ran out. 
Boy! These projects take a LOT of glue.

My inspiration was the project from a class I took 
Oh and I'm finally on Instagram
You'll find some of my favorite pictures from my blog, 
the military sterling silver I sell and my latest craft projects like this...

Hi Mom! :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Introducing Dear Jupiter

Yesterday partners were announced for the 

So it is my pleasure to introduce you to...
Peggy Johnson
of Dear Jupiter &

Oh course I got distracted at her online shop, but if you
are in Minnesota you can visit her bead shop.
For those of us too far away we can give her facebook page a "Like".

I have to say even though I've never worked with Peggy before 
I have heard of her work thanks to
 this big beautiful online beading community. 
The chunky chain challenge she hosted caught my eye a while back.
Remember that?
I remember thinking all the participants (and the host of course) were incredibly clever 
because I actually thought on it and came up with exactly zero ideas.
Yep, got side tracked checking out all the pretties Peggy has.
I love her custom stamping pieces! I haven't stamped anything in a while.
This thought just occurred to me...
Oh and her aunt owns a bead shop too.

Side track #2 the preview for Love Lust of Run (with Stacy London) has a girl with
 a huge metallic pink link strand hanging from one ear.

Okay, now off to learn more about Peggy and play with my beads.
I have to say this lady seems like a fun gal. 
I am really looking forward to this Swap N Hop.

---All these pictures are Peggy's.---

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bit About Me

I am officially "IN" the upcoming Swap N Hop so 
as instructed I'm going to share a bit about myself.
Here we go...
1. Why or how did you get started making jewelry?
I started making jewelry 8 years ago 
when I fell in love with Swarovski crystals and 
could not afford what people were making with them.
I am 90% self taught.
Humble Beginnings
2. What style(s) of jewelry do you like to make?
Wow, I really don't know. I prefer bracelets to anything else, but I'm the sort that would wear an ornate bead embroidery collar or a simple chain and pendant with a tee and jeans so there are no limits. I've used $40 beads and stuff my son picked up off the ground for me to make jewelry.
3. What materials do you prefer to use (and which ones do you avoid)?
I prefer seed beads, lampwork, polymer clay, sea glass, found objects, almost every metal finish...I'm sure there's more.
I do not prefer things that have to be sealed to preserve them, fibers, size 15 seed beads, big beads (10mm and up)...not sure what else.
4. What techniques do you prefer (and are there any you don't like)?
 I love RAW (right angle weave). I spent years avoiding anything that said RAW only to find out I'd been doing it not knowing the name of the stitch I'd fallen in love with. I also love peyote, drilling and soldering too, stringing for an easy day, soutache, bead embroidery, polymer clay and stamping for custom sentiments. I could go on forever here.
Most of the things I would say I don't like are things I'm still afraid of, but like bead embroidery and RAW I'll probably love them if I ever give them a go. I might even be surprisingly good at it. Who knows. The top of that list at the moment is memory wire, shibori ribbon with bead embroidery and cutting curves for soldered pendants.
5. What colors do you use most, and which do you run screaming from?
 I love almost everything BLUE. After 4 years on a tropical island teals, oranges and corals are now among my favs. I HATE pink. I had pink glasses as a can guess where this story goes.

Alright well it's Carnival season here 'round New Orleans 
so I've got to catch up on "have-to's" so I have enjoy the upcoming parades. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bead It Forward Peyote Patterns

I resolved to try to creep out of my introverted shell this year.
I know I got a late start, but boy did I start out with a bang!
Saturday for lunch I opened my home to the local bead society.
Where I finally started my first Bead It Forward Square.
I visited our local bead shop where I only found 3 of the colors I needed.
Luckily the ladies had literally buckets of beads. Thank heavens honestly because $5.75 for a tube of delicas seemed like a lot to me. (Yes, please leave your delica resources in the comments.)
Here are some more patterns I made up for the event.
My kid loves penguins!
My dad loved eagles.
I love the warm color background on this one!
 And our Bead It Forward Queen of the BSS, Maria, made a mermaid and asked if that would count. I giggled and said, "It's certainly a wild animal." So on the theme of mythical wild animals here's my childhood favorite...a unicorn.
By the way HUZZAH for Maria who has at last count 
made 43 squares for Bead It Forward this year!
I finished my first square on Sunday morning after we said good bye to the overnight guests from the party I helped my husband host Saturday night. Yep, two parties in a single day, but a great first step to resolving this overwhelming shyness that crept up on me over the past decade.

Yes, I know my panda is missing 3 black beads which sort of makes him look like he's missing an ear, but a friend suggested I think of him as one of the clipped ones. Apparently there is a program that clips ears to show they've been rescued and released. I thought that very fitting.

I hope to give this pattern another go to get the ear right this time. 

Oh and I tried my hand at 3 drop peyote a while back

Now to finally decide how I want to finish it.

What have you been up to?


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop 2

It has been a very long time since I participated in a blog hop.
 An international move was a real upset to my creative mojo.
My new space is ready for work. 
 Doesn't look much different than my set up in Oki does it?
This time it's not crammed in front of a door in my bedroom.
I have my own space. 
And Boy! What a lot of space.
Yep, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
 (Please feel free to share your ideas to finish the space.)
I swear my space must be too clean or something because all I do 
is work on a small project, finish it and clean it up.
That is NOT my process.
I've been creating since I was little girl, and for as long 
as I've had a stash (or hoard) of crafting supplies
I sit down to start a project and by the middle 
I've pulled supplies for at least 3 more projects and
by the end I've probably already finished a smaller project or two
that I hadn't even thought of when I sat down.
THAT is how I work.
I hope it's how I will eventually work here.
I have high hopes.
 When we first moved in (a month before our furniture arrived)
one of my father-in-laws brought me an assortment of plastic beads. 
I sat with them completely zoned in until this happened.
Oh geese, enough about me. 
Why are we here? The fantastic Lori has brought us all together again. 
To finally use all those amazing beads we keep looking at, but never use.
Boy do I have those, but with holidays surrounding today I took a more sentimental approach.
I have a only two dear friends who send me beads. One sent me a collection of pearls years ago.
So I created this perfect accent to my holiday spirit.
I still have 4 more colors to play with so more of Tina's pearls are in my future 
now that they've finally made their way to my bead mat.

My favorite piece for this project was a kit that my husband bought me
 for Christmas the first year we were in Oki. Like now 
the move had left money really tight, but he found 
the money to surprise me.
At the time I thought it was too difficult for me. Honestly it probably was. 
I'm thrilled to now wear this symbol of my husband's love for me and support of my creativity.
 Love those designs that are also gorgeous on the back!

Don't forget to check out the rest of the participants. I'm sure there will be TONS of eye candy.
Head over to Lori's to check out the list. After 4 tries to share the list here with only wonk-a-doodle results so I'm going to just let you use her fully functional list.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you did.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Back in the Game!

I just signed up for my first blog hop since we moved. 
Now to sort my bead table and rediscover all my pretties. 
I'm so excited!
Head on over and sign up too.

We all have pretty beads wishing to become our statement holiday jewels.
Let's get them ready to shine.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Back to Beading...Finally!

I've joined 3 local groups here in my new stateside home, and 
yesterday I met the local "bead society" group.
So in the new year I see joining a 4th.
1st duo project
I also found the local bead store this week which offers free 
classes as long as you buy $20 in supplies any day you take a class. 
NOT a problem!
Here's the large hole beaded bead she drew me a pattern for during my first visit.
If I ever get my beads unpacked I'm going to make a pair of these for my Nomades bracelet.
At the meeting we had a few tips on peyote 
for those who are putting off the bead it forward inches. 
I have been putting them off for YEARS.

I didn't realize how many times the bead it forward project had changed hands.
I am thrilled that the kind and wonderful Amy Severino has taken on the project. 

TIP: Add a line of Xs then a line of Os to stay on the right row.
Apparently the Bead Society of Slidell turned in the most for the state of Louisiana last year with the lady sitting to my right turning in 31 alone. She already had a dozen out on the table for this year. My new friend, the super beader, is desperately seeking more animal patterns. So if you have them please share so I can pass them on.

I spent the entire day yesterday online looking for patterns for her and I ran across several programs that let you create your own. The only one I could get to work for this is $50 so I'm trying to decide if I'll use it enough to afford the cost.
my attempt at zebra print
So back to beading an all is right with the world. 
How's your week gone?
I do hope well.