Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slow & Steady

So this is where I left you. ☺ To clarify I didn't buy enough Mardi Gras colors to make this bracelet and the style I really wanted. So the bracelet above was sacrificed to make this.
I LOVED IT!!! The best part is this way I had enough to make a second one. So here's where I was this afternoon.
I LOVE THIS ONE EVEN MORE!!! So the one on the right is in the Slidell Chamber of Commerce Marketplace, and the one on the left is MINE.

Now that I finished these. I'm back to my peyote for Valentine's day. It's supposed to be a bracelet, but it's too thick for me. It may become a wall hanging or something. Do you have any ideas?
I'm thrilled to be half way though this pattern. I miss my bead it forward squares. This is insane to someone who's never done anything bigger than a 1.5 inch square before. I will finish it! Hopefully before the bead society meeting in February.

Wish me luck.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello Honey

My sweetheart told me to have a great day out with the girls yesterday. Where did we go?
Yep, we went to a bead show! I was so good, and stayed within my budget. Which is why I am posting today.  -I didn't buy enough gold honeycomb beads.- The bracelet at the top, yeah the Mardi Gras colors, will never be worn.

I challenged myself to try this pattern, and it was done in under 30 minutes. Thanks to the beadaholique video I mentioned in my last post it was so easy. BUT! I was in love with the first row so I'm tearing the bracelet out and making it my way.

Oh and believe it or not I used seed beads from my stash and had an astonishing one seed bead left when it was complete. Can you believe it?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Finally Finished Something!

While I wait for my pearls to arrive and I wait for the Bead Soup Blog Party sign up...
I actually started and finished a project with my first honeycomb beads in a single afternoon.
You can find a free pattern from Beads Smith by searching "honeycomb bead pattern" with Google. The original pattern is 3 rows, but I prefer a thinner bracelet.

Hope you enjoy the new honeycomb beads as much as I do. When I get more I'll try the bracelet Beadaholique posted on youtube. Maybe I'll try it in Mardi Gras colors. What do plan to do with honeycomb beads?

Thursday, January 14, 2016


I've spent days on this piece. I even jumped up yesterday and drove out of state to buy more metal seed beads and 14lb fireline. Now I wait for 14 3mm Swarovski pearls. I hate waiting.

I won this Shelley Nybakke kit when I attended her class. I now love metal seed beads and right angle weave. I am, however, no more fond of a short needle than I was before. Check out Shelley's kits and patterns on etsy. Search for her shop Sturdy Girl Designs. If you choose a pattern instead of a kit Bead Parlor Beads on Etsy has the metal seed beads and English cuts you need to complete your own "Don't Ruffle my Feathers" necklace.

Now I am off to give CRAW a try. Wonder if this is another stitch I already know, but didn't have a name for when working it.

What are you working on?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bead It Forward 2016 Patterns

Thanks to my faster paced life since our last move 
most of my creative sharing is done on Instagram.

I would like to share these with as many people as possible 
because I love the Bead It Forward project. 

So here are some Bead It Forward 2016 patterns for the theme: 
SPACE:  Out There Somewhere, There's a Cure.
Since there is no reason to reinvent the wheel the next two were found, not created, by me.
Find Jupiter on the Bead It Forward pattern page.

This one, Saturn, came from Pinterest.
I'm working on what will be a four part sun.
Anybody know how they create those 4 part patterns?

Until then...
I've shared my peyote solar system with you...

Monday, August 31, 2015

End of Summer Catch-up

As with many of us back to school means time to get all those things done you planned to do during the summer. Here's a little peek at all I've been up to.

I've actually been wanting to give water colors a try for 2 years. So that simple image actually captures yet another check on my bucket list. It also eliminates a media for me because I do not have the patience for all that dry time.
I also finally gave beaded kumihimo a try. Like my fear of RAW I've realized I have got to stop letting to people in bead groups convince me things are difficult.  This is the second time I've found something so much easier than the majority had led me to believe.
Jumped head first in to a refinishing project too. No I didn't start on one of four pieces of furniture already in my garage. I took this one (with permission) from my neighbors garage. More on that when I get it back together. I will say hunting a ball bearing in the grass that is days over due for mowing is the most unfun Easter egg hunt ever, but suprisingly a more satisfying when one succeeds.
Finally, I'm still trying to keep my home based business with Nomades alive now that someone has decided to sign up beneath me. So if you know anyone who enjoys Pandora and the other similar charm bracelets please ask them to take a look at Nomades. 

How are you playing catch-up? Or did you have a highly successful summer?

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


So I picked my pottery up last night, and it's suprisingly not as bad as I thought it would be.
In addition to checking something off my bucket list I've found a new appreciation for pottery, ceramic beads and the like.
Anyone who knows the me behind this keyboard knows that I love youtube. Well in the weeks between creating in clay and my finished products I watched a lot of potters on youtube. It's so relaxing to watch them work, but intriguing at the same time. They turn wet dirt into awesome things. So hey, my pottery would be at home in a grade school art class, but if you consider it was given to me as a tough slab of dirt it's pretty darn incredible.

What have you been up to?