Thursday, February 25, 2016


Seriously!?! Where have the first two months of this year gone? 
I'm absolutely flabbergasted at how quick this year is flyin' by.

So around here we had Mardi Gras.
 Complete with poop hats. (far left)
Yeah, you see all sorts of odd things on the parade route.

and I was asked to be our bead society's Bead It Forward Chair.
We submitted 56 squares. Sixteen of which I added to a little quilt I whipped up.

Yesterday I finished my quarterly ombudsman newsletter which shouldn't be as stressful as it is, but I truly don't know what to talk about. How to you condense months of training into a couple pages, and make it something dozen of different styles of families are willing to spend their time on? 

Best of all I received info on my Bead Peeps partner, Susanne Stelljes. 
Susanne is in Germany. Please take a bit to check out here beautiful blog and fb beading page.

I'm almost done prepping her package. In the mean time I thought 
I'd follow the advice of our host and tell you & Susanne a bit about me.

1. I LOVED the beadweaving with Swarovski crystals that was so popular maybe 10 years ago. As a stay at home mom I just couldn't give that much of our family budget to those pieces so I taught myself to beadweave.

2.I love almost anything beadwoven. Peyote pieces are my favorite, but thanks to a class with Shelley Nybakke I'm learning to love RAW (right angle weave). I still string a bit and drill sea glass for jewelry. I haven't done much recently but I like making resin and polymer clay pendants and components too.

3. I still love working with 3mm & 4mm Swarovski bicones, but I adore seed beads now. At first they were simply to fill in the gaps in the crystals, but now I love them on their own. I've recently falling in love honeycomb beads. I avoid pink and gold tones. I'm a cool colors person who has oddly accepted coral and orange thanks to my passion for all things beachy.

4. See #2 Apparently I can't stay focused on the question as I unintentionally answered this above.

5. See #3 Oops, I did it again. ;)

TRIVIA:  Did you know that I love to make jewelry and even sell military sterling jewelry for a company, but I rarely wear it every day?

I'm also a dig in the dirt girl who literally gets sick to my stomach when I have to dress up in a ball gown. Yep, I have half a closet full of princess dresses and they scare me to death.

Um, well that's enough sharing for today. I hope you are well and happy.

Love where you are, and love yourself.