Sunday, June 7, 2015

Time to Stitch 7 Reveal Day

Not going to lie. We were given so much time I let procrastination get the better of me.
I spent a grand total of 5 days on this. So PLEASE visit the other participants.
I'm sure you'll be impressed.
1.       Therese (Host) 
2.       Christine  (Host)
3.       Amy
4.       Lola
5.       Lori F
6.       Kim
7.       Becky Pancake
8.       Karin G.
9.       Debbie (Kepi)
10.   LizE
11.   Maryanne
12.   Paula
13.   Wendy
14.   Janet
15.   Jasvanti
17.   Alicia
18.   Bobbie
19.   Shirley
20.   Sarah
21.   Cynthia
22.   Lizzie
23.   Samantha
24.   Sally
25.   Niki
26.   KarenW.

As for me lets show you a little bit of what it took to get here.
This is all I had for an idea when I began.
Lesson 1
 There is a right and wrong side to Lacy's Stiff stuff. 
It's crazy fuzzy if you use the wrong side.
Cute but not quite right.
Adding the light
My rule of thumb for any piece is add light, dark and a shimmer.
Late Night Inspiration
I didn't like that the top circle flopped when it was cut out. 
I tried two things I had around the house.
The Skil saw blade worked the best.
I added a lot of glue so you can't even feel the blade's teeth.
Chain Attempt #1
Even my first bead embroidery piece still has no chain. I wear it on a silk cord.
Any suggestions for how to hang this piece would be greatly appreciated.
Subconscious Inspiration?
Ain't it pretty?
 I waited so long between my first bead embroidery project and my second 
that the link to videos that got me through it the first time 
was dead. 

It's the last day before reveal when I realize this. What's a girl to do?
You guessed it......head to youtube.

Thankfully this video helped me start to finish off my edges.
I honestly only watched minutes 25-31, but they were clear and helpful.
I love the movement & height at the top.
Chain attempt #2
I wont bore you with excuses as to why I wasn't completely done. The fault is mine, but done or almost done I'm thrilled I took the challenge and attempted bead embroidery for a second time. 
  At this rate my next bead embroidery project will be 2017. Ha! I hope I don't wait that long.

Thanks for your time. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. Exquisite! Beautiful color choices and love the unique design. It has a flow and balance to the beads. I hope you do finish it.

    1. The edging is done. Now to figure out how to hang it.

  2. If this is procrastination, I never would have guessed. That large stone centerpiece is a jaw-dropper, and the beads you chose to highlight it are quite lovely. It's delightful the way it is, and I can't wait to see how you finish it off!

  3. Oh, I love your pendant, the colors, the metal addition, the light, the dark, the shimmer, it is fabulous! It will be a gorgeous necklace.

  4. I just love the addition of the metal. The colors are great. .. I'd use a bronze chain and rock this baby!

    1. I never considered actual chain for bead embroidery. Great idea.

    2. I never considered actual chain for bead embroidery. Great idea.

  5. Very very pretty, great job, I love what you did with the cab. Love the colors and the design my friend!

  6. Done or not, this is a fabulous piece! And that you photographed it in various steps along the way is wonderful! We don't often get a peek into the process. That metal on top is so cool and your rule of light/dark/shimmer is one I might need to explore a bit.
    Thanks for being a part of the Hop!

  7. I love this piece - you did a great job!!! Thanks for the tip to check out the video. Finishing/edging an embroidered piece always gives me fits!!

  8. I love process posts - I always learn so much! Your skil saw blade support made me laugh out loud. That is totally something I would do! I'm already thinking about what I'll need to do to support some spikes I'm adding to a bead embroidered fish I'm working on.

    Your pendant is lovely; good luck with deciding on a chain. That's always the most difficult part for me.

  9. I think it's gorgeous and what a great idea to use the super duos or twin beads. I have not used them in bead embroidery and they look fantastic! Did you glue the metal to the cab surface or use another technique? I really like it a lot!

    1. I cut the hanging loop off and glued it down just like the cabochon. If there is another way please share.

    2. I cut the hanging loop off and glued it down just like the cabochon. If there is another way please share.

  10. Hi Ginger,
    Girl don't sell yourself short your pendant is gorgeous! I love the colors and the texture you added to the stone. Either one of the chain attempts would have been great with your pendant, or as Janet said use a chain. You did an awesome job with your pendant. Thank you for participating in ATTS 7 and I hope that you will join us in ATTS 8.

  11. Hey, it is nice to know that I am not the only one that can procrastinate....though sometimes procrastination is my best inspiration....I truly love the pendant and can't wait to see the full finished piece! Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. wow this is stunning! it is like a little rock goddess! I love the texture and color of this - wow!

  13. I really like all the movement of your piece....and the fun of learning along the way. Enjoy finishing it off!!

  14. Your pendant is beautiful!!
    I think we all have issues with procrastination one way or another.

  15. I think you're selling yourself short here. That is a gorgeous pendant! Some people just work better under pressure. I agree with Janet, a bronze chain might be just perfect. Well done :-)

  16. Hi Ginger, You did a wonderful job on your bead embroidery. It is really unique. I think that we all procrastinate so don't feel bad. You have a beautiful creation. I like your suggestion of light, dark, and shimmer is a very good rule to follow.

  17. I always spend too much time thinking a piece through so you are not alone there, really lovely piece such beautiful colours and great balance!

  18. I think that is absolutely gorgeous, Ginger!....and I laughed out loud at the Skil Saw blade! Very creative! Loved your tip about light, dark and a shimmer as well...stealing that! :-)


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