Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pepita 1st Blogoversary Blog Hop

Today's the Day!

To celebrate her first blogoversary the author of Pepita handmade 
sent gifts for her readers all around the world.

Without further adieu, here's what I did with mine.

Ha! Just kidding this is the aftermath.
The first thing I did was go through all my 
cases of crystals to find the perfect 4mm to fill that gap.
Sadly you can't see all the colors it shines,
 but it's all shades of blue green and a bit of purple. 

Then I tried the shells seen in the first photo and 
in the post where I announced the pendant's arrival, but 
they would not stop acting like swinging monkeys so I took them all out.

Then I dumped my fiber bowl over by accident and found the 
great copper thread which matches the sides of the pendant perfectly.

While cleaning up the rest of the fibers I found the glass drops 
which were the perfect match and I had them in two sizes. 
My bead hoarding has never paid off as well as it did in this piece.
I must say this necklace doesn't photograph well, 
but it went PERFECTLY with the outfit I wore Saturday. 
It's light, fun and absolutely perfect.
(Those of you who know me know I don't use the word perfect often.)

Thanks Alenka!
I had a lot of fun, and will always remember your kindness.
Oh and you received 4 compliments on your work here in Okinawa, Japan yesterday.

Here's the other people who received Alenka's work for this hop.
Ginger Bishop           
Susan Kennedy         
Becky Pancake          
Dini Bruinsma           
Penny May     
Carolyn Lawson       
Ana Cravidao                        
Dolores Raml                        
Take a moment to see what they did with these.
Don't forget to check out our hostesses blog (link at the top of the post) to enter the giveaway.