Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014 Art Charm Swap

I have been so thrilled with my experiences 
with the Art Charm swap the past two years.
It's really getting to me not knowing if 
I can participate this year.

Yep still no word on when our stuff will arrive from Oki.
Though all the stuff they stored for us for 4 years arrives tomorrow.
I know my neighbors will be thrilled because the lawn mower is in that shipment.

Please join in if you have the time. 
Beads of Courage is a wonderful cause, and this event is so much fun.
Plus last year's auction allowed for a $1500 donation. That's just plain AWESOME!

This year's theme is "Soar."

I mean come on I have at least 6 ideas already.

Sign ups close Sept. 10th and charms must be received by Oct.20th. 

Here's where to sign up:  

Here's one batch I sent last year.

Here's what I sent the year before.

Looking at it now I think I'll have to make sure to steer aware from multicolored flowers. I really didn't know they were that similar till I stuck these pictures up here. Anyway. Click the buttons on the sides here for Art Charm 2012 and Art Charm 2013 for my previous reveal posts. I introduced my connection to the charity in the 2012 post. Jennifer let me use one her photos to make the 2013 button image.  I know it's trivial, but I was so glad to help her out. She puts in a ton of work to make this annual charity auction and swap a success as well as a smashing good time.

I really feel like I'm missing the annual family Thanksgiving dinner or something. 
How to make 11 art charms with all jewelry supplies not here?  
Shout um out 'cause I really don't want to miss this year.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Charming and Chuffed

So we are in a new home in the US, and it's HUGE!

Been hearing a good bit from our British neighbor in Oki,
 and the word "chuffed" popped in to my head.

Just like the first 5 times she said "knackered" to me, 
I looked it up to realize it did not mean what I had guessed.
I really did think I'd be better at this with all the British TV I watch, but it's just not the case.

A quick lesson in British slang...
Chuffed-really happy/very pleased
Knackered-tired/exhausted/worn out

While I am both actually, I'm working hard to stay positive. My son is in 
a great school that the community holds in high regard. Mom and Dad turned on their super powers to make sure he started with everyone else on the first day which was Aug. 7th. Yep a mere 10 days after we stepped off Oki soil. My husband is already comfortable enough with his commute that when he was not told until he made it to work that work would start 1 1/2 hours later than normal he drove all the way back to walk our son to the bus. 
Have I mentioned enough how great a man he is? No. I haven't. He's way too good for me.

We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last week by the way. He decided to buy me gift cards from the local chain craft stores I've been trying so hard to stay out of. He went in in uniform which he said got him many odd looks about. (It's not a military town we live in here).

So I sit here on the air mattress my mother loaned us, so happy for all the blessings I've been given which includes this mattress, but still a little bummed. I am ready to unpack! It's been over a month. Rationally, I get it. My home furnishing are literally on the slow boat making their way half way around the planet. Creatively the last time I made jewelry was for the BSBP and I don't want to wait any more. My sweet, wonderful husband has given me the GIANT dinning room for my work space and I'm ready to fill it up!!!!

Since I seem to forget my camera every time I leave the house here are some tiny things I have snapped photos of since my return to the States.
Here are a few beauties from my mom's butterfly bushes in SC.
(click any image to enlarge)

Here's a dragonfly and box turtle from my new yard in LA (Louisiana).
 Finally the closest thing I have to jewelry making is playing with my Nomades bracelets. 
You know I can't be like everyone else so I bought some Swarovski spacers. 
Yep, the pearls are Swarovski too.
Oh wait, since I don't have a garden yet I managed to take this image in a hanging basket I bought to hang outside my kitchen window. I think it's a great start. Apparently I have a bit of a reputation for taking jewelry pictures in my garden. Hey why not combine your favorite things.
Disclaimer:  These items were not made by me. 
I'm supporting a military spouse run sterling silver business 
specializing in military duty station charms.
I was really proud that Nomades shared it on the company's facebook page.

Okay, hubby's headed home and I'm off to play sous chef. For any of you thinking why don't I cook for my wonderful husband the answer is simple. I don't want him to be hungry. 
To those who really know me...stop laughing.