Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tick Tock...She Can Barely Work the Clock.

Okie-dokie here we go!

Let's start with a little rant. I miss my flip phone. 
No. I was never master of the flip phone, but we got along.
It didn't make me feel stupid several times a day, and 
I wasn't constantly worried about dropping/scratching it or how filthy it was.

I know they make fancy cases. 
I have one...from Pelican, 
they also make boxes to protect military tech 
so I know firsthand...They. Are. Awesome.
if the phone itself requires the maximum stretch of your not so tiny hands 
the case makes it so the furthest outstretch of your thumb and pinky can not hold on to it.
As I wind down from this argument with myself about my smarter-than-me phone I have to add two things...
1. Why do I add several international clocks to some list every time I -in my oh so old fashioned way- put my ear to the phone during a call?
2. How long have I been leaving out key info you guys might want because I added buttons to the sides of my blog page that you can not see from your phone?

Sorry for that last one by the way.
Next challenge reveal is May 16th.
My pieces are finished!
Wonder if tomorrow
I'll actually photograph them
 and write up the post?
Yeah probably not.

Now for a bit of eye candy to thank you for sticking with me till I "talked" myself down.
April showers and my poor husband's back have kept me closer to home recently. So here's what I've created or repaired with all my extra time at home.
Watermelon Thumb Ring
Beaded Beads
A whole lot of earrings
Simple But Stunning Pile of FINISHED Work
The Big Picture
I know most of you have seen the owl before, but I'm seriously behind on my sewing 
so it's the last thing I actually finished.

Well, that and I sewed my son's first Boys Scout rank badge on. Congrats Mack! Job well done!
Let me tell you I totally understand why people sew pockets closed. I could have had it done it 2 minutes with a sewing machine, but it took forty with my fat hand in the tiny pocket that was made smaller by the pen pocket seam.

THANKS for taking the time to read all my nonsense.
Happy Spring!