Saturday, October 18, 2014

Who's There

TGIF Baby! Whew what a week.
I'm finally getting my new craft space set up 
enough to walk in so of course I set to making something.
 It's a big pinterest win for me.

I haven't had a door I could hang a wreath on in at least 7 years 
so I went to pinterest to see what's new and found this:
I didn't read the instructions, but the supply list is excellent.
I went to Hobby Lobby, Micheal's and Jo-Anns and couldn't find this boa color. 
Bright side since it's so late in the season all the face and feet bits were 40% off.
I was hoping to leave it out till Thanksgiving, but mine's a lovely 
first attempt at a wreath after all these years.

Oh and best bit I live in Mardi Gras mecca 
so I got the boas at $3.25 each at Mardi Gras Imports. 
Yep, that's the everyday price. I may have to work with more boas while I'm here.
Outside Mardi Gras Imports "We Love Tourists...They're Delicious"
I may find a few more uses for those 89 cent wooden circles too. 
Hiding the best deals on the bottom shelf at my Wal-Mart...shame, but glad to find them.

Alright what else is happening in the house as we settle?
A lot!
Hubby's been so busy learning new skills that he's come down with something. Poor thing.
My son is settling in at school & even enjoys afternoon bike rides 
with a few of the neighborhood kids.
Bike rides 
let me tell you what that cost me. 
With my husband out of town my son and I set out 
to get a bike. The process of getting it out of the store and into the back of my car 
left both of us fussy and with torn skin and eventual bruises. 
BUT WE DID IT all by ourselves!

As for me I'm volunteering again.
Surprise, surprise I know.
Monthly they ship care packages to deployed service members. 
Such a great group of ladies and a few men too.
It's fast paced. I like to stay busy.

Also joined the Camellia Quilters.
The dozens of projects during show and tell 
made me feel like a first grader in a college course, but I accept the challenge.
Now to uncover and plug in those sewing machines.

Finally I'm still trying to put myself out there with my direct sales business in attempt to keep myself in good standing (minimum sales per 3 month period). That's a huge step for an introvert like me.
It hasn't paid off yet, but it is helping me find my confidence again so it's worth the cost.
(Is it horrible that I wish I had some of these super strong, but easy to open sterling jump rings?)
While Nomades uses Swarovski too the 2 pearl and 2 large Swarovski crystal spacers are not Nomades.
I used my beady resource knowledge to find the colors Nomades doesn't carry yet.

Plus I love my bracelet. Since I'm not a sharer it helps people learn a little about me.
One of my attempts had me sharing tears with a brand new friend.
Her nephew was killed in the war in October almost 5 years ago. 
Her sister, a gold star mom, is part of the wear blue movement.
Wear Blue runners run in remembrance for service members lost. Some races now are putting up banners and pictures as well as being flanked my family members on certain miles to be a physical reminder of why they run. To see these displays is overwhelming but powerful and inspiring.

First let me thank you for surviving my ramblings. Now let me ask you. 
Would you like to participate in an advent calendar style swap? 
I participated in one years ago and would love to do it again. There were two options health and beauty style (chapstick, nail polish, bath ball, etc) or beads and findings. I of course chose beads, and it was great to open a little packet of beads each day. It really was a bit of good cheer that helped me through the often chaotic holiday season. 
So if I run it who's interested? 
24 tiny individually wrapped and one small gift would need to be mailed mid-November for international to insure they arrived by 1 December.
If someone else is already doing this year please share the information. 

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you are here.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Festival Season

I went to a craft show and a festival today and the parish fair last weekend.

I'm loving my weekend outings in our new area. 

Today I constantly had my hands full, but here are a few photos from the fair.

Recycling Robots
 Something about the fair brings back childhood memories.
 Might be the vintage feel of some games that seem exactly as I remember them.
My bumper car boys
The fun's not done till you ride on the Ferris wheel.