Monday, April 18, 2016

Bead Peeps-What we Swapped

Wow guys sorry to leave you in the dark so long. 

Lots of great beading going on around here,
plus a river flood & the end to 
my husband's back surgeries.

So lots of things to celebrate now that we're safely on the other side of things.

First though I am happy to share that both Suzanne and I have received out Bead Peeps swap packages. 

Above you will see what Suzanne sent me from Germany.
These are the ones I must use for the challenge.
This pin Suzanne sent is my favorite thing from the packet. 
It reminds me of the pearl and bead spiders I have on my Christmas tree, but this one has a mohawk!
(Yes, there was a story that came with the Christmas spider kit, but I don't remember what it was.)
I just love that something usually scary is recreated in a way that makes it beautiful.

Okay moving right along.
This is what Suzanne received from the good 'ole USA.
Oh but the handmade focal of a hand and heart is actually from the UK. 
It's by Caroline Dewison of Blueberri Beads.
Of course a little surprise is always fun.

I have about one inch of beadwork done for my reveal and a simple stringing project complete. Come back May 15th to find out what I did with my blue beads and enjoy with me the creations of Suzanne's imagination as well. 

Now to the fun bit. Here's a peek at the things I've finished since my last post.
 The Bead Society taught Russian Leaves one month. 
I made 3 pair and decided that was plenty.
 This is 3 bracelets with snap clasps. 
The pattern is so lovely I wanted you to see the detail.
 This is yet another of my prized Shelly Nybakke patterns. 
This is the 3rd pattern of hers I've completed.
This next one is going to be a doozy.
 Yes I can do more than bead.

 Even played with a bit of wire too.
I finished another bracelet this weekend, but it's not as photogenic as it is beautiful on the skin. 
You'll just have to trust me on that as I shall not share my skin with you at the moment. 
My gardens are lovely, but it has done quite the opposite to my skin. 

Take Care and Happy Spring!