Monday, April 9, 2012


I don't know what I've been doing with my time, but it does seem it's not what I'd like to do with it.  I took the time the past few days to finally finish something on my bead table.  So here's the Twisted Sister bracelet I finished yesterday.  This Tapestry Beads kit by Jill Wiseman was quick simple and even easy enough for a beginner.  If you give it a try just make sure to read the "adding and ending a thread" section.  If you are like me and can complete a project from simply looking at the diagrams & photos great, but don't skip that section it's full of good info.
This kit was a Christmas gift purchased from Fusion Beads, but I'm glad it came with information on Tapestry Beads.  Now I have to figure out which one I want to try next.


  1. WOW - where to begin! they are all so amazing! I really like them all :)

  2. Wow, they are ALL beautiful, but I love the top one the best. It's simple, yet so elegant! Still, I would even wear it with jeans. I think it's the blue iris beads, I always love wearing them with jeans. They're dressy, yet down to earth at the same time.

    1. Thanks! That's the one I finished. The others are just kits I'd like to try from Tapestry beads.


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