Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bead It Forward Peyote Patterns

I resolved to try to creep out of my introverted shell this year.
I know I got a late start, but boy did I start out with a bang!
Saturday for lunch I opened my home to the local bead society.
Where I finally started my first Bead It Forward Square.
I visited our local bead shop where I only found 3 of the colors I needed.
Luckily the ladies had literally buckets of beads. Thank heavens honestly because $5.75 for a tube of delicas seemed like a lot to me. (Yes, please leave your delica resources in the comments.)
Here are some more patterns I made up for the event.
My kid loves penguins!
My dad loved eagles.
I love the warm color background on this one!
 And our Bead It Forward Queen of the BSS, Maria, made a mermaid and asked if that would count. I giggled and said, "It's certainly a wild animal." So on the theme of mythical wild animals here's my childhood favorite...a unicorn.
By the way HUZZAH for Maria who has at last count 
made 43 squares for Bead It Forward this year!
I finished my first square on Sunday morning after we said good bye to the overnight guests from the party I helped my husband host Saturday night. Yep, two parties in a single day, but a great first step to resolving this overwhelming shyness that crept up on me over the past decade.

Yes, I know my panda is missing 3 black beads which sort of makes him look like he's missing an ear, but a friend suggested I think of him as one of the clipped ones. Apparently there is a program that clips ears to show they've been rescued and released. I thought that very fitting.

I hope to give this pattern another go to get the ear right this time. 

Oh and I tried my hand at 3 drop peyote a while back

Now to finally decide how I want to finish it.

What have you been up to?



  1. Love the beaded beauties, Ginger!

    I've been up to everything and nothing. You know, when you are juggling a dozen balls with nothing concrete (or digital, in my case) to show for it. Oh well. back to reading blogs and getting inspired by the rest of the gang :)

  2. I never thought you were shy because you are so involved, but I'm proud of you for stepping out and wow 2parties in one day, way to go girl. I love your squares and think your panda is adorable. I agree delicas are beautiful but hard to find a good price and in Canada it's worse!

  3. Ginger!!!! I haven't read any blogs for a couple weeks and so I'm just coming to this post!!! I'm a little swamped these days, but do you mind if I share your post on the Bead-It-Forward page to share these really awesome and amazing patterns?
    I love the work you did and until you said it I hadn't even noticed the panda's ear!! :)

  4. Not sure if my first post went through or not, either way you you comment on this one so I know? Thank you. And your squares are amazing.

    1. I usually reply via email, but that wasn't an option for you messages so here we go. I only completed the one square actually...well two identical pandas, but thanks. Oh and thanks for the tip about fire mountain. I think of them for so many things, but have never looked for delicas there.

  5. Good for you hosting parties! I just discovered Bead it Forward recently, and am busy making some squares for them. five so far. I get my Delica's a Fire Mountain Gems. they seem reasonable, plus, the more you buy the more of a discount you can get.


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