Saturday, April 20, 2013

Merry Unbirthday Reveal

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For whatever reason you are here...WELCOME!

I'd like to start by thanking this swaps hostesses.  Without you lovely ladies this wouldn't have been possible.  So THANKS!!! Marlene Cupo & Shelly Turner have teamed up to create many excellent swaps for us creative types. In addition to their own blogs they have THIS one just for their swaps. 

I joined this swap not only because I love these two gals, but the title immediately drew me in.
Sometimes I sing that Disney song to get my son out of bed in the morning.  
I have on more than a dozen occasions given people gifts and said, "Happy Unbirthday!"
I even have the song stuck in my head at the moment.

For this unbirthday celebration I was paired with Alicia Marinache of Ontario, Canada.  She's a jewelry designer and mom like me, but she also seems to be a crack shot.  We've become fb friends too.  So I've really learned more about her.  Visit her BLOG or facebook page to find out more about this great lady.

So now for the treats.  Here's what I sent her for her May birthday since a 3 day search of all my supplies came up with 1 single emerald crystal and 5inches of emerald ribbon.
 Just kidding.  Sort of.  This is it all wrapped up ready to go in the box.
I'd never made anything like this before so I took extra care to see it arrived safely.
Here's the actually necklace.
The sea glass was found here in Okinawa and drilled by me.  
I finally put that sea glass drilling lesson I took a year ago to use.

And I've saved the best for last. This is what I received from Alicia.
 A beautiful pair of silver earrings with blue crystal butterflies.
Yep, my favorite color is blue.
And a great pendant.
I have many excellent memories of those smooshed penny machines.
It think it's too funny that it reads, "Escape to Paradise" and she sent it here to me who lives on this gorgeous sub-tropical island.  I just keep thinking the penny escaped to paradise.

Well, off to doctor the sunburn I got today at the beach.
My best to you!

Oh crud, just about forgot.  
A very special...
THANKS so much to Alicia!
 I had a lovely time being partnered with you for this project.

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  1. What a gorgeous piece, must look for some glass next time I'm at the beach! Is it easy to drill?

  2. OH, I forgot about the penny! The Royal Botanical Garden (we live 5 minutes from it) installed a tag machine just recently and I made some for all the change I had in my pocket :) I think it, indeed, escaped to Paradise - it just snowed again this morning!
    I am so happy you love the blue butterflies - and I do love the sea-gift! I've wanted for a long time those little pieces full of mysteries - to know they have been picked by you and drilled and lovingly made into that beauty makes me feel very special!
    Thank you!!

  3. Wow love the drilled beach glass, beautiful necklace and the earring you got are gorgeous, lucky you.

  4. Ginger I just love the style of this piece! the seaglass is gorgeous!

  5. Well, just color me impressed with the drilling! I love sea glass, and have a few pieces, but don't have a clue how to drill it. I love how the necklace came out! Great job!!!

  6. Sea glass is one of my favorites, I think the necklace you made is awesome. What a great party!

  7. Hi Ginger,
    Wow it seems like forever since I have visited your blog, I apologize for that. That is a beautiful necklace for an equally beautiful woman. What Alicia sent to you is very beautiful also.

  8. Love the sea glass necklace. I have so much sea glass collected over the years, I would love to drill some and make something for myself. I love the smashed penny pendant. I collect smashed pennies and always have to smash one when I see one of those machines.
    Janeen Burlingame

  9. Great pieces! The sea glass must have memories for you, seeing that you picked it up on your trip.

  10. Ginger the forever tease! And also the forever master at design and symplicity in your creations (well maybe not that first one, LOL). Read Alicia's post where she has been lusting over sea glass for quite a while and so glad you made her dream come true. Wear those earrings carefully, never know when one of us may show up to grab them on you.

  11. Ginger! I love your piece and Alicia said she loved the sea glass too! I wondered if those were butterflies..pretty! AND stop bragging about the beach, I have the heat on today! :P

    Thanks for coming to the party, make sure to go to to find out about the party goodie bag you have coming your way! ~ Shelley

  12. Your sea glass necklace is very pretty!! And Alicia's work is awesome as always!! Happy Unbirthday!

  13. LOL I thought that was the real piece for a minute and was trying to figure out what it was!!!LOL I love sea glass and that is a wonderful necklace!!! I love the earrings that Alicia made those are really pretty!!! Hope you both have a Blessed Day!!!


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