Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cleanin' Up

So today I yet again found plenty of things to do to avoid cleaning my work space.  I did a ton of dishes, laundry, etc, worked out, shuttled my lil man to and from culture and swim lessons, read aloud for a bit and cleaned the sand out of our last batch of treasures. Of course I did a bit more, but that's all I can remember at the moment.
I can't tell you why we bring half of this stuff home, but I know at the time it is very important to one of the three of us.  This time my husband liked the little round things.  I know I couldn't possibly ever use all the white and brown sea glass I have, but they happily bring it to me and I happily collect not only the glass but their smiles of self-satisfaction.

Here a few of my favorites from this batch:
I love this color!
Looks like a honeycomb doesn't it?
Can you see the house and tree in the black one?

Well, off to bed. Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip. 


  1. Ginger, I adore those shells! All of them! And the glass! And the pottery shards! Too many exclamation points!! I'd love to trade for some of your beach finds - what can I do for you?

  2. Omgosh I have been dying to bead around a piece of blue and white pottery. LOL You guys FIND that on the beach?!? It's BEAUTIFUL!


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