Thursday, September 20, 2012


Ok, on the right side of the page here you'll see a list of blog hop challenges.  That's there to remind me of what I've signed-up to do. 

Well, mother nature doesn't care what I've signed up to do so two typhoons in a month has really kinked my schedule.  Not to mention that my new car, well new-to-me car, must really like it at the auto shop because it keeps telling me to take it back there. 

During yesterday's "get it done or you'll have to walk there" marathon errand run, I mailed Melinda Orr her Holiday Bling and Jennifer Cameron my Art Charms.  For some reason I am panicking I've done something wrong somewhere.  My luck I mailed the art charms to myself by putting my return address label on the box instead of in it.  Oh well, neither package was perfect.  I did however put a lot of work into the contents of each one, and I am proud of the beading.  Let's hope it all works out.

Now I've got to figure out what I am suppose to do next.


  1. Good luck with your packages; my fingers are crossed ;)

    We've not had a hurricane directly affect us in NW FL. But, Isaac certainly did a number on S FL, MS, and LA. The season's not over yet so, I'm still nervous.

  2. Stay safe Ginger! Better to have your package come back to you because you labelled it wrong, instead of not getting it back because hubby mailed it with no postage (Hmmm, sounds familiar)!

  3. Good luck with all your challenges Ginger! Every time I think I'm clearing my schedlue of challenges, there are always some that come up! I hope mother nature behaves better for you!!!

  4. I just have one challenge coming up. Working too hard to do more. :(


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