Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kumihimo & Cranes

I just tried it and I love it!  Sadly my end caps are taking their sweet time to get here, 
but here's the mess I've made so far.
I'm still learning how much length it takes to create a finished piece, and it's different from one type of cording to another.  I've learned that if you have more than 8 strands the 4 that end up being the ridge of the spiral braid need to be at least twice as long as the others.  

My bobbins are with my end caps so tangling has been an issue with the thinner choices, but never for the rattail.  It's so slick the tangles just slide out like with really healthy hair.  I can't wait to get my new stylist sounds like a real trip...look how quickly I can get off topic.  Speaking of which I got off task with my kumihimo making paper cranes with my son.
 Now I have this pile of several works in progress and plenty of options for the next creation.
The thick orange in the top left of this picture is some crazy stuff.  It's really quite thin, it's just very fluffy.  It also pops right back into this shape if you pinch it or even tie it in a tight knot.  I doubt I'll use it anytime soon because everyone in this house picks it up and plays with it every time they see it laying out.


  1. Ginger, I love the kumihimo! Looks like you picked it up quickly. I especially love the swirly blue and green one on the far right. I have one of those kits, but haven't been brave enough to try it out yet. You've inspired me!

  2. I just learned kumihimo the other week. But I learned it with beads and only with eight strands. I've really been wanting to try it with just cord and your beautiful pieces definitely spur that desire on! Thanks!!:)


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