Friday, June 22, 2012

Japanese Nail Art

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Since I moved here I knew I had to enjoy the affordability of the amazing Japanese nail art. I'm a gardener so fingernails would be a waste of money-so pedicures it is.  Plus with year round sandal weather it saves me some of the constant maintenance.  I've had koi swimming on my toes, black spiders for Halloween, butterflies, dragonflies and now my favorite design to date.

Ok please know that I do not like feet, and I really don't like pedicure photos so I'm sorry to those who read this that are like me.  These were not only cute, but the only thing I've done for me since my last post.  Please feel free to picture me wobbling and almost falling over trying to take an acceptable picture.  That was almost as frustrating as trying to find something to write about today.

Yep it's Totoro!

 For those of you who don't know My Neighbor Totoro is a great family movie.  My nails were cut too short to add the cat bus which is the family's favorite character.
Oh and for those of you who are wondering how those Japanese girls with the crazy nail art perform regular activities I can't tell you how, but they do without missing a step.  They work in offices, shops, restaurants, and even give pedicures with 15 colors and crazy attachments on their nails.  It seems second nature. I even saw a lady with bare nails stretch her fingers up to pick up something only to adjust when she realized her lack of added finger length.

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Hope you're enjoying your summer.  Watch out for mermaids! ((giggling))


  1. Your post had me giggling..which I needed to do! My hair dresser has pedicures once a month and is currently sporting M&M candies - each toe nail is a different color with an M painted in the middle! So cute! Enjoy!

  2. Wow... Some of those are way more complicated than I could ever wear, but I love your Totoro nails!


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