Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beading Babes Project 5 Reveal Day

Hello again and welcome to yet another reveal day.  I love Beading Babes, because it stretches my skills and confidence without the fear of beader's block because the patterns or at least their location is provided.  This time Karyn of Releases by Rufydoof has selected patterns by Helena Tang-Lim.

I chose to do the Four Leaf Clover Cuff  not only because I liked, but I've made a resolution this year to make things I would actually wear.  So despite the stunning beauty of the Nefertti necklace it's not my style. But it is gorgeous.  This is too, don't you think?
I'm still looking for someone who can translate the package these beautifully & colorfully diverse 3mm came from.  Sadly I can't find it today to show ya'll.  Luckily, a got this bracelet done the week the pattern was revealed because life has thrown me more than a few obstacles recently.  Despite that I started a second cuff, and here's where I am on it.
  The orange beads keep breaking and there wasn't enough room to make all the passes through them, and the coral were much bigger than I thought.  I'll finish it, but slow and steady so I don't break too many more beads.
From this:
To this:
is why I love seed beads!


  1. Those are lovely. I the pink one is so sweet and the purple one is .. well, out of this world. I love those colors together.

  2. Hi Ginger, Your cuffs are beautiful! Pink is my favorite color, and the pink in your cuff is so soft and pretty I love it. I also really like the second one the purple pearls are so pretty with the copper or coral colored seed beads.

  3. Oh I love them both, the pink one is dreamy and the purple one is funky. I think I'll try my hand at one too.

  4. I love both of these, the pink one is just dreamy and the purple one is so funky. I think I need to make one, I understand they are addictive. Beautiful work.

  5. Looking great Ginger. Love the photos. I'm going to try and do the next one. Joined too late for this one.

  6. Woah I LOVE this! I had bookmarked this pattern, but I have to say I love your color choices much better than the ones on the web site. I love seed beads too! They are so beautiful and these really do highlight them. You do such great work, Ginger.

  7. Beautiful work Ginger. I love your pink Four Leaf Clover cuff... it's so soft and pretty.

    Thanks for taking part in Beading Babes again. I look forward to seeing you for Project 6!


  8. I love that pink cuff so pretty!

  9. The pink cuff is so soft and pretty. Suitable for a bride or a child's 1st Communion! Your purple and orange is summery, vibrant and lively. It would go over big here in Florida all year long!

  10. It's truly amazing how many different colour choices have been displayed in this bracelet and here are two more which really do it justice.


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