Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ready for a New Year

So I cleaned up my work space to get ready for the new year.  I know when I see women's work spaces I'm usually in awe.  They reference their crafting past when they worked in a converted closet or the kitchen table.  Well, I've upgraded from a clear bin to two clear bins and now I've placed my folding table in my bedroom to insure I always have a space to play.  Now I don't spend most of my free time rediscovering all my treasures that I kept packed away in bins. 

Here are some of those treasures:
Above is a project gone wrong that turned out looking like a jellyfish. I've remade this "mistake" in several colors and like it more than the original pattern which I only ever made correctly once.

Above is one of those projects that turned out nothing like I envisioned. It was suppose to be a ruffle bracelet.  I love this so much more.

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to working with in 2012:

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