Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Anything can be beautiful.

Today was off to a bad start, but I decided not to let it continue that way.  I know often there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop a bad day from getting worse, but so far I've turned today around with sheer willpower. Or was it a change of attitude?  Well whatever I did to change my day I feel empowered.  The sun is shining bright for the first time in days, my home is sorted, my family is content and I am not in pain which is remarkable for me recently.  Now on to the beautiful. 
See that man hole cover above.  It's kind of plain for the ones here, but it's just outside my building so I see it all the time.  I'm sure it would have been easier to have a boring man hole cover, but someone was inspired to design something nice for this, and probably with the help of others saw this project through to completion.  None of those people will ever meet me, but they did it anyway.  I enjoy it almost every day, and I'll never get to say thanks.  But that's ok because they should be satisfied with the accomplishment.  So often I see people, myself included, who desire to the point of needing positive feedback for what they've done.  While it's nice to be appreciated it shouldn't be necessary.  I should be proud of myself and my work and that is enough.  Yes, we all need love, but none of us should need constant positive reinforcement.  Several times in my life I've forgotten that.  One of those times just ended recently.  I look forward to my day, and I plan to enjoy what comes of it.  If others reap rewards from my effect on the world today all the better.  If I never know of their enjoyment that is ok.

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