Thursday, May 1, 2014

Well That Could Have Gone Better

I've spent all morning watching a clock.

Yesterday I took the plunge and did something for me. I spent hours researching and planning, and I was on cloud nine. Now I am totally deflated. And it's all the thanks to my that stupid clock! I got up early and canceled one last appointment so that I could have extra time if this thing today took longer than expected. Then I tried to wait. I'd start things, many things actually, but I couldn't focus because I was so excited. Those last 20 minutes trying not to be dork early were a killer. All in vain. I've lived overseas so long I forgot no one actually living in the eastern time zone of the US bothers to distinguish between EST and EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). So I outright missed the thing I was waiting all morning for. I am deflated.

Oh and the large metal component in the middle of my BSBP focal broke as soon as I added the cording to finish the piece. I am deflated.


  1. *hugs* That sucks. Then again, your day could have been worse. Like, getting your foot squished inbetween a wooden crate and a fork lift, like I did yesterday. There went my plans for hitting the flea market today ... *heavy sigh*

    Well, I hope the Universe will make up to you for this disappointment with something real nice soon.


  2. Awe Ginger,
    I am so sorry to hear that your day is not going well. I fully understand to be so excited about something and then it is pulled right out from under your feet, so to speak. You are a creative person and I have confidence that you can find a way to fix the focal piece in your necklace. The good news about that is, that you are given an extra week before the BSBP reveal. The reveal is now on the 10th.

  3. Not sure what you were up to, but it sucks when we make a plan only to have it thwarted by THE CLOCK. Especially when you are on the other side of the planet :( You probably won't miss that part when you are back in the States, I imagine.

    Is there anything you could add to your damaged focal to replace or disguise the broken component, Ginger? I hate when this happens. I held my breath while I was wire-wrapping delicate little lampwork birds my BSBP partner made for me... I have a bad history: glass + wire = disaster. Hope you are able to salvage your design (fortunately we have an extra week, though I am sad about the circumstances).

  4. Dang. Well that just sux. Being in the States where almost all of us are on DSL, I don't even think about it and when I lived overseas, there was no way I was able to get a show from the East Coast,


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