Friday, May 9, 2014

Hang On It's Almost Party Time

While I frantically take advantage of the last minutes of our extension,
I know some of you are ready and eagerly waiting for the clock to toll midnight.

For those in the group here's a recap of my participation in Lori's wonderful BSBP.
Still my favorite piece from that hop
Still my husband's favorite from BSBP

Still my most complimented necklace to date

Oh and a great big thanks to all my partners past and present.
You are all so wonderful to me even now.

Next year I'll be in the US. So maybe I'll have an American partner for the first time.
I look forward to getting to know that person, but in the mean time get to know the wonderful ladies I've had the privildege to be partnered with in the past.

And a great big thanks to Lori without whom I wouldn't be a blogger and wouldn't have met these and so many other wonderful jewelry designers, suppliers, etc.
Woman, you are marvelous! THANK YOU!

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