Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 Okinawa Gotochi & More Eco-Craft

Sorry to all my beady friends who may be wondering why so many postcard posts.

I Love Postcrossing!

I'm very active and many of my fellow postcrossers have asked 
about my collection so my blog is taking on a duel duty.

Today I found the NEW 2014 Okinawa Gotochi, and 
I'm sharing the Gotochi from other prefectures I've received since my last share.

 Each prefecture launched a new card for 2014. If you want to check them out you can do so HERE.

So you aren't totally handmade creativity deprived 
here's what I've been working on with the eco-craft band material.
Yep the first one is slanted. 
It hurts my finger to pull it tight enough to keep it square, 
but I got it the second time.
This basket will have handles eventually, but I wanted to share 
the new design inspired by Tammy, a newcomer to our local eco-basket weaving group.
Thanks for the inspiration Tammy.

My birthday is in four days! What shall I do to celebrate my 34th?

UPDATE:  To keep my followers from being overwhelmed by my Gotochi posts I'll add all new Gotochi here.
 Update: 5-29-13

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