Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Show me the Soup!

My soup has been simmering for a bit
 so I figure I should show it to you before I begin to create.

My lovely partner for this year's Bead Soup Blog Hop is 
 Carmen Lau author of the blog Little Maketto.

She's such a wonderful woman with kindness and 
creativity spilling into everything I've seen of her.

I should have taken pictures of the packet with it's lovely gold embossed organza bags, but I was in too much of a rush to open it. There is just something about mail delivered to your door that makes opening it an urgent need.
 I did capture a bit of the packaging. These cute little paper slips with the bead descriptions.
Now all I have to do is quit wondering what this notch is for and start building my ideas.
She also included yummy Malaysian candies and 2 postcards. (I love postcards!)
One of which was made of wood! Yep, one of my coolest postcards ever and I don't have a picture to show you. I'll get one for you by the reveal...promise.

Thanks so much Carmen. I am thrilled with what you sent.
For those of you who haven't seen it on Little Maketto already here's what I sent.

You'd figure as long as I stared at this lot, added this, took out that to refine 
my selections for this year I'd have a better picture, but here's the best shot of the lot.
 You should still go look at her post. Her pictures are magazine worthy.
Wishing you had some new beads to play with?
 There is a mega celebration & GIVEAWAY going on over at the Silver Parrot.
You should check it out for your chance to win.
I know I will.
There are so many prizes up for grabs. Here's the a sneek peek.
UPDATE:  The contest prizes were to be given out every other day after the 14th, BUT all entries had to be in prior. Sorry for misleading you. I didn't understand. There will be one prize offer for all us who came to the party too late.
Sorry. commenting here will not enter you in the contest, 
but I'd be thrilled to hear from you anyway.


  1. LOL... i can tell you what the notch in the focal pendant is for! it's there as a placement if you decided to tie a ribbon or string to attach the focal. you could probably use that notch to wrap a wire too. Just so that it sits well on the focal and not jutting out. but please feel free to explore and not let that notch limit your creativity. hope you have a better idea now.

    have a great time beading!
    i'm gonna go check out that giveaway you mentioned now.. sayonara...

  2. Gorgeous soup, so bright - and love the packaging details!


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