Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fiddleheads:  When I was a kid I could go down to the creek behind my house, and discover something new almost every time I went down there.  One of my favorites was the way ferns worked.  They seemed not to do anything I thought plants were suppose to do.  They didn't need a lot of light.  They liked too much water.  They didn't make flowers.  They grew seeds from the underside of their leaves!  All wrong, wrong, wrong from what I was being taught in school.  Then I discovered the fiddlehead.  It looked like a musical instrument, a cat's tail, a rollie pollie, and a sleeping bag being unrolled all at once.  The time of year for the fiddle heads became my favorite time to explore.  The picture above is nothing like the ones I saw as a kid.  This thing is actually the size of a cat's tail.  It was taken in a much more tropical climate than the one I grew up in.  When I took this picture earlier this year I was reminded of the awe and wonder of the hands on learning of my youth.

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