Friday, May 11, 2012

Jeannie Dukic does amazing work.

You should check out the fantastic work of the Jeannie Dukic either on her website or her blog.  I found her work on Facebook, and then shockingly won these fantastic earrings!  I am very grateful to be given such a lovely gift.  

Can I just say I am impressed with the business card holder.  I know that is trivial to most people, but I love the business card holder.  I've stored all my favorite designers in there.  

The first pair of earrings are in my son's teacher's favorite color so they became part of the Teacher Appreciation Day gift bag.
She loves them.
These are all mine.  I wore then the other day and they are light and a perfect length for my face.
Now a lesson in branding.  Not only was her business card included, but check out the back of the packaging.  Even if you remove or change out the paper top, the bag has her info too.
Ok I must tell you photos do not do her work justice.  It is one of those that if you saw it up close you'd have to have a little piece of that creativity for your very own.  So take the time to check out her work.  You wont regret it. 


  1. I know exactly how you feel Ginger! I felt the same way when I got my first package from Jeannie for the Echo Creative Club. First there was the excitement about the packaging and then there was the excitement about her polymer clay creations! Congrats on the win ... those earrings are beautiful!

  2. Hi Ginger,
    Congratulations on your win, those earrings are gorgeous and I love the buisness card holder it is so cute. I need to check out Jeannie's blog.


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