Thursday, May 17, 2012


So lots of great things have been in my mailbox recently.  Since I didn't immediately tear into these I actually have some pictures to show you.  The first batch is from one of Lori Anderson's fb swaps where I was paired with Stefanie Teufel from Cologne, Germany.  In addition to some much needed size 15 seed beads she also sent 3 fabulous postcards for our postcard collection (which is lining the walls now-thank you postcrossing), but only one is pictured. 
I was so excited to receive seed beads in a swap because they are my go-to item and because it was a first for me to find in a swap package.  Plus 2 fantastic rivolis!  Then I read the letter and find out the beads in the dish are vintage and from the 1940's.  My own little piece of not so ancient Europe.  What more could a seed beader ask for?  I sure can't think of anything. 

I must say Stefanie is an amazing lady who reminded me look for the proverbial silver lining.  When is the last time you made an effort to see the bright side of a difficult situation?  I can proudly say, TODAY!  Thanks Stefanie!

No matter how much I loved this package, seed beads aren't all that photogenic till you do something with them so will move on the to the mother-load.  

If you remember in the last post I showed you the goodies I gathered only to discover I accidentally  cleaned my work space.  Those went to Lisa Lowe from Hampton, VA. (I've been there!) Anyway, Lisa spoiled me rotten.  She hosted a CBC Supplies Swap.  Yep, I was paired with the hostess!  Pressure.  Oh yeah, but it worked out great.  I swear you never know what to expect from swaps, but no one could have anticipated all this.  I'm going to learn so many things trying out all these pretties.
click the picture to enlarge
big beads soup
love the rough tumbled detail
tiny beads soup & crystals
I've wanted some of these for a while now
color, color color!
These is also some pressed flowers, fibers, glass tiles, copper blanks w/rivets, but I'm sure you're visually overwhelmed so I'll leave you with one last image.  
 This is my latest experiment with seed beads, and I am impressed with myself this time.  This is the same dish used for the tiny bead soup & crystals above.  Yes, it's one huge beaded bead. Pattern by Diane Fitzgerald and found in The Art of Beaded Beads by Jean Campbell.

Yep, I am one lucky (spoiled) girl!

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