Saturday, May 26, 2012

Curious Inspiration & Frustration

Ok, my blog is so new I've never used the "old"interface before, but since I have only the "white screen of death" for days on the "new" interface I've given this a try.
All I wanted to do was show you my Alice in Wonderland miniatures in the hopes that I can pull myself out of this quagmire.  I've hit a road block with my challenge piece so I'm hoping (fingers crossed) this might help. 
the box
Time for tea?
flamingo head at table base-love it!
white chocolate Hatter
pocket watch serving tray
bread-and-butterfly on the frame plus chocolates inside the tiny door
Where's the key now?
tray features the hedgehog
(you'll remember him as the crochet ball)
Alright, thanks to technically difficulties this was the most difficult and time consuming post to date.  But boy isn't it cute.  I know we don't always take the time to comment when we read others blogs, but please make time if you can.  I've been in the land of children and chores and would be so happy to hear from a creative adult.


  1. 3 hours and that's all I could get. I'm here. I'm trying, but circumstances outside my control are challenging me right now.

  2. The miniatures are so flippin cute!

    I think we all have times where something gets in our creative way - sometimes we do it to ourselves and sometimes its out of our hands. But you can overcome it! You can do it! Today and tomorrow I will be in the studio working on my piece for the Literature Challenge, and I know half of that time I'll probably be banging my head on my bench.

    Good luck, Ginger. I'm sending some happy creative thoughts your way!

  3. Those miniatures are just adorable...I especially love the "drink me" bottle.

    Lisa's right - we all go through these times. I have so many challenges and pieces that need to be done in the next few weeks that I seriously don't know where I am going to find the hours, especially with working 5 days a week.

    Thanks for sharing these little treasures - they are so cute and certainly made me smile.


  4. I LOVE these!!!!! You newly inspired me to get creating:)


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