Wednesday, February 8, 2012


class Valentine's inspired by pinterest
I decided to get super crafty this month it seems.  All though lots of prep work has kept me away from my blog for a while, several of the projects are starting to wrap up.  For example gator-tines.  One of the more successful projects I've tried from Make some of these cuties for yourself by printing the template from  Enjoy this while I go snag the next batch of cookies from the oven.

I forgot to add a few tips that if mentioned on skiptomylou I certainly missed.
1.  White glue works much better than the clear paper glue.
2. Take a circle punch and cut a finger hole on one side (top or bottom) of each end of the pillow box.
Take a little bit less than this with the punch.  You learn as you go, ya know?
 Tuck that side in first.  It makes loading with candy or unloaded for the kids easier.
3.Glue the pink to the green lower part of the mouth before you glue the mouth to the pillow box.
4. Scoring is not optional. It's necessary to assemble the pillow boxes.  I've never actually used my bone folder for it's specific purpose before, and I'm a pro now.  Do you know how to use your bone folder?  If not youtube may be able to help.  It helped me.

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