Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Still no beading update

This week I've made 51bags of cookies, 72 small treats, 3 trips to the market (it's only Wed), plus these
100th Day of School treats
and these
Valentine's for Cub Scouts
and even found time to attempt glass cutting with nail polish and fire as seen here.  Enlisted Hubby for help because clumsy & flammable are never a good combination.
check out the one already done by the soap
My Bead Soup beads came a week ago.  I've take dozens of pictures in almost every room of the house, but the dreary weather, multiple projects going on at once and the fact that after several attempts to stage the beads and wait for daylight have only lead to each and every member of my family dumping them over before bed getting good pictures to post is now almost on the top of my to-do list.  Unfortunately my promises to children and computer shopping (yep clumsy dropped her laptop) still take number 1 & 2 on the the list.  More later.  24 tiny right hands to cut out before bed.

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