Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello Honey

My sweetheart told me to have a great day out with the girls yesterday. Where did we go?
Yep, we went to a bead show! I was so good, and stayed within my budget. Which is why I am posting today.  -I didn't buy enough gold honeycomb beads.- The bracelet at the top, yeah the Mardi Gras colors, will never be worn.

I challenged myself to try this pattern, and it was done in under 30 minutes. Thanks to the beadaholique video I mentioned in my last post it was so easy. BUT! I was in love with the first row so I'm tearing the bracelet out and making it my way.

Oh and believe it or not I used seed beads from my stash and had an astonishing one seed bead left when it was complete. Can you believe it?


  1. Wait . . . .why won't that bracelet ever be worn and why are you tearing it apart. I'm confused. I think you're implying something but I'm just not picking up on it. In any case, I think it's a lovely bracelet! Oh, and please tell me how you used up so many seed beads. I can never seem to use them. I think they multiply. Of course, I'm still not a seed-beader, but have them on hand. They are going to overtake me at some point!

    1. The first round of stitching created a better look than the entire design. So I pulled it apart down to that first row and stabilized it. I'll post a picture for you soon. As for the seed beads these were leftover from a kit so there weren't many to start with. As a seed beaded I usually run out before the design is finished. It's never worked out so well before.


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