Saturday, July 11, 2015

Now What!?!

Yep. We've all had those times in our lives where it seems stepping out the front door is the equivalent of jumping into quicksand. So in the mean time, to steel myself, for what tomorrow brings I woke up this morning, took off the street clothes I had apparently fallen asleep in and put on a nightshirt. Then I got busy...

I made some baskets. (Note, blue was finished earlier in the week, but didn't want to miss the debut of my first baskets made in America)
Then I thought I'd pick up a beading needle, and this was born from a free pattern I was given at the Beaded Owls in Long Beach, MS also this week. Yes, my productivity continues. Hazzah!
I totally forgot about this tray till I saw it again. I love when that happens. Then I think, "How do I have so much stuff I forget what I own?" Anyway.

I feeling like I had something else to show you....
Oh yeah, I took a pottery class at Blue Bayou Breeze Studio in Slidell, LA. Here's my earring holder "pinch pot" & a whole mess of magnets before I went mad trying out glazes. It'll be next week before I see how they turned out. Be kind with your comments. I worked with glazes way back when I was son's age, but this was my first go at hand forming. I hope to try again once he gets settled in school this year. This time the pottery wheel. How exciting!

In the mean time I only have two more space devouring hobbies to get to this month to complete my goal. So what's next for me? It'll be mosaics/stained glass or repurposing cast off furniture. Either way I must leave my comfy studio and work in the garage. Boo!

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  1. Sounds like things are taking a while to "settle", Ginger :) I envy you the chance to work with earth clay (I shoulda done that before our local studio closed its doors, darn it!) Can't wait to see your finished pieces :)


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