Friday, August 10, 2012

More pictures of new pieces

The two bracelets below are a created from a pattern by Arlene Reller.  It's a Glass Garden Beads kit called Tango I received as a Christmas gift, but came from Fusion Beads.  Then I made a second one in more classic colors.  The grey crystal seeds where larger than the others and really messed with the tension on of my own attempt at choosing beads.
I have a thing for buttons after being paired with the lovely Cindy Wimmer for a focal swap this past spring.  Here are two less than fine examples, but they worked great with these pieces.
Here are a few other things I created. Excuse the poor lighting and photo quality.
long drop earrings

Still trying to find something for my Mom...I wonder if she'll like these.
actually a lovely pink color
Finally, the book I won from Craft Gossip arrived!  It has a very glossy cover, and is a great drop it in your purse size.  I'll share more rave reviews later when I've had time to create something from the book.


  1. Hi Ginger,
    I love the bracelets they are so pretty. I have seen this pattern before but I have not tried it. Is it difficult? Your earrings and necklace are very pretty too. I am sure your Mom will like whatever you decide to give to her.

  2. Oh Ginger, I love the drop earring, actually I love everything and I think the tension looks fine on the bracelet you created. Beautiful stuff. Can't wait for Saturday reveal!


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