Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's on the table?

I found myself without a project tray today.  After looking around I realized why.  Here's what's going on here:
Ndebele Bracelet by Lori Schmidt
This button hole took me 4 hours Saturday because it was klutz week for me, and hubby brought home the first season of a show and I got hooked.  The kit was a Christmas gift and so was this one:
Twisted Sister Bracelet by Jill Wiseman
I love this one.  The colors are hard to photograph because they are iridescent.  This pattern is 6 beads per round. It's quick and fun when I need a break from the other projects.  Yep, there is one more.

Beading Babes' new projects are great.  I have to order some things for the necklace, but I had somethings that I think will work for the bracelet.  Very summery like the bracelet I just finished with Martina's flowers, but the cold snap here has me craving summer.
I love it so far.
Ok time to stop talking about these projects and get back to work.  I hope your are enjoying what you're currently working on as much as I am.


  1. Ginger, would have liked to email you, but didn't see an addy. I am so curious about your life in Okinawa, as I was there with my husband years ago! He was stationed there with the 12th TFS with the USAF. I don't even know if that squadron is there any more. We lived on Kadena AB. He flew F-15's and I taught art at Stearley Heights Elementary. I would love to know what it's like there now, I am sure so much has changed! I was doing the blog hop and saw you on the list, what a surprise.

    1. Hi, it's nice to meet someone to compare stories with. I've added an email link to the top left of the blog or you should be able to find it by clicking my name above this reply. Well Kadena and the school are still there, but I live outside Foster or it may have been called Butler then. Send me an email and I can talk your ear off. Thanks for writing.

  2. Love your colourway for the Ruffled Chain Bracelet...should look gorgeous when it's finished!



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