Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Martina's flowers

I've mentioned before that my partner, Martina Nagele, from the Bead Soup Party is intimidatingly amazing.  She made her own bead caps for some of the beads I sent her.  Then she adapted the bead cap design into cute dangling flowers which you can see on her blog: http://mariposa8000.blogspot.com 

Well, I tried my hand at them. My colors are a bit more summery, but only when trying to pick things for this project I realize that I have no red seed beads or dark purple ones either.  That still baffles me.  Well here's my go at it:
Looks way better on that flat.
Love that coral with fire-opal center!
These little guys didn't go with the rest.  Not sure what they'll be yet.
Not too bad for one evening's work.  Better for me than a bowl of ice cream too.


  1. Absolutely adorable. I love the circle chain and the bright colors.


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