Friday, March 2, 2012

It finally made it!

I mailed my Bead Soup to Germany on Jan 23rd.  It arrived this week!  I've been frantic for days and stressed for weeks.  I didn't want to let her down.  Well, now that it has arrived I can show you what I sent.
Wrapping with seashell that reads "Happy Beading"
clear box that held the goodies (photo added to lid)
Orchid pendant is yet another of my Okinawa photos
The Beads...yes the wrapping was a color hint
 Okey-dokie! Check back soon to see what I made from the beads she sent me and check out her blog, Mariposas Schatzkiste, on blog hop day to see what she created in no time (literally) with these.


  1. Wow....I love this bead soup! I hope she's had enough time to whip up something gorgeous!

  2. Oh yes, I had! Just snipped off the last thread end :-)


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