Thursday, January 19, 2012

Smash it out!

Christmas gifts are great!  Among the fantastic pile of goodies I was given was a stamp set.  It my new go to when I'm too stressed out to focus on seed beading.  I went to Makeman (a Japanese version of Lowes) for washers to practice.  The Japanese do love their packaging.  Where else would your washer come in a bag like this.
Here's my first attempt, 
 and my first customer.  He paid me with a hug.
He wouldn't wait for me to go get jump rings so I made one with 
the aluminum wire I was using for my orchids. 
Since most of my orchid wires (the straight line behind the top spiral) are hard to cut and bend.  I've made my own fiddle heads that can be uncurled as needed.  

Can I just take a quick moment to pat myself on the back.  I have 3 orchids with bloom stalks right now.  I've never had one bloom again after the buds/flowers I bought it with were spent.  
Now I've got three.  Yeah me! 
I know the climate has a lot to do with it.  These orchids are outside even now. I love Oki.

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