Monday, August 31, 2015

End of Summer Catch-up

As with many of us back to school means time to get all those things done you planned to do during the summer. Here's a little peek at all I've been up to.

I've actually been wanting to give water colors a try for 2 years. So that simple image actually captures yet another check on my bucket list. It also eliminates a media for me because I do not have the patience for all that dry time.
I also finally gave beaded kumihimo a try. Like my fear of RAW I've realized I have got to stop letting to people in bead groups convince me things are difficult.  This is the second time I've found something so much easier than the majority had led me to believe.
Jumped head first in to a refinishing project too. No I didn't start on one of four pieces of furniture already in my garage. I took this one (with permission) from my neighbors garage. More on that when I get it back together. I will say hunting a ball bearing in the grass that is days over due for mowing is the most unfun Easter egg hunt ever, but suprisingly a more satisfying when one succeeds.
Finally, I'm still trying to keep my home based business with Nomades alive now that someone has decided to sign up beneath me. So if you know anyone who enjoys Pandora and the other similar charm bracelets please ask them to take a look at Nomades. 

How are you playing catch-up? Or did you have a highly successful summer?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I have given up on "catch-up"... it's a misnomer in most cases LOL. I am settling for "catching" whatever floats by and looks appealing for the moment :) Glad your summer produced this much goodness, Ginger. Congrats on forging ahead and not letting yourself be intimidated!

  2. I too have wanted to start painting and I am really enjoying the freedom of mess in creating an art journal of love for my family, I am liking it but the drying time is frustrating. Love your kumihimo necklace very pretty. I sense you and I are so much alike!

  3. your watercolors look beautiful!!! Good luck with your home business. What a great product and great way to pay tribute to our service members and everyone who supports them!


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