Monday, November 10, 2014

Back to Beading...Finally!

I've joined 3 local groups here in my new stateside home, and 
yesterday I met the local "bead society" group.
So in the new year I see joining a 4th.
1st duo project
I also found the local bead store this week which offers free 
classes as long as you buy $20 in supplies any day you take a class. 
NOT a problem!
Here's the large hole beaded bead she drew me a pattern for during my first visit.
If I ever get my beads unpacked I'm going to make a pair of these for my Nomades bracelet.
At the meeting we had a few tips on peyote 
for those who are putting off the bead it forward inches. 
I have been putting them off for YEARS.

I didn't realize how many times the bead it forward project had changed hands.
I am thrilled that the kind and wonderful Amy Severino has taken on the project. 

TIP: Add a line of Xs then a line of Os to stay on the right row.
Apparently the Bead Society of Slidell turned in the most for the state of Louisiana last year with the lady sitting to my right turning in 31 alone. She already had a dozen out on the table for this year. My new friend, the super beader, is desperately seeking more animal patterns. So if you have them please share so I can pass them on.

I spent the entire day yesterday online looking for patterns for her and I ran across several programs that let you create your own. The only one I could get to work for this is $50 so I'm trying to decide if I'll use it enough to afford the cost.
my attempt at zebra print
So back to beading an all is right with the world. 
How's your week gone?
I do hope well.

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  1. Hi Ginger!! First I have to say - I LOVE those duo Christmas tree earrings! Thank you for spreading the word about Bead-It-Forward!!!


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