Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All Boxed Up & Nowhere to Go

Every 3 to 4 years I'm homeless for a month or two.
For some of you this is a shocking and possibly frightening idea.
For me it's routine.

Let me clarify by first telling you I've never spent the night on the the street. 
Oh wait. I did once in high school. What the heck was the point of that? Who knows, but there must have been one because there was a group of us.

I also have never slept in a cardboard box, but since the movers finished a full day ahead of schedule this time I have now slept on one. I must tell you would could have stayed in a hotel, but I am Scrooge McDuck sometimes.

 Guess it's past time for me to tell you my husband is in the military. That means that every time he's restationed (I might have made that word up) the family goes through a PCS or Permanent Change of Station. For my family that means they come box everything up, and move it to the next place where it waits for us to tell them our new address. This time as we are moving from Japan to the US we'll arrive long before our furniture.
They let us send a little bit ahead so we'll have something other than what's in our suitcases. Plus I still have 1,000s of pounds of stuff I haven't seen since before we left for Japan waiting for me stateside. My family is playing a guessing game as to what we'll find in our LTS, long term storage. All of that is just a distraction right now. What's weighing on my mind is the fact that we fly off this island, possibly forever, in 6 days and we still have to sell both our island cars. Forgive the scattered ramblings of woman driven stir crazy by this tiny hotel room and the weight of all we have to accomplish is a really short amount of time.

Oh did I forget to tell you schools in our new area start in 15 days! Yep, no home, not even in the same country at the moment, and my most heartfelt desire is for my son to start school with everyone else. It's tough being the new kid not that I would know, but it's easier being the new kid on the first day. 

Gotta give a big public THANKS to:
my lil sis who has purchased my son's school supplies and has them waiting for us. 
my wonderful mother who's kept my car ready to go for all the years we've been overseas.
and to which ever one of them is willing to let us stay before we head off to our new area while we have my husband's car inspected (It's been in LTS too.)
Oh and all the wonderful military spouses who've shared so much knowledge with me over the years.
I really don't know how I'd do all this without them.

For now, I'll continue to work hard, do my very best and just keep breathing.
I'd rather be creating though.


  1. Good luck with the move, and hopefully your little guy will get to start on the first day! Thinking of you.

  2. It's interesting to hear the point of view of the spouse, Ginger; my sister and I were military kids in the 60s and 70s. Back then in the Canadian military, new postings were every second year. Mum never let on what a trial it was to prepare to move that often; we just thought it was very exciting (mostly!) Best of luck with the whole crazy deal :)

  3. Atta Girl! I know right where you're coming from. It's chaotic life sometimes, but I wouldn't trade it for anything..... You got this :-D

  4. Oh gracious, it all sounds like so much! I was a kid when we lived the military lifestyle and overseas so I had no idea what went into it. I hope it all works out. Best of luck selling the cars and whatnot. Oh, and where are y'all going to be stationed this time around. . .or did I miss it?


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