Thursday, February 13, 2014

It Feels Like Spring!

Since it's been unseasonably cold for many of you I thought I'd share
some flower photos from my trip last weekend to the Ocean Expo Park.
Hibiscus are the official flower of Okinawa.
See my fat finger there? This bloom was massive. 
It probably could have been used as a child's hat.
I read about these in the paper. 
They are genetically engineered "blue" orchids. 
They still look purple to me.
 There were massive orchid displays 
as part of the international orchid show 
that was being held there at the time.
 This is a full view of the display 
with the "blue" orchids mentioned above.
My favorite display of the orchid show each year.
In the background is the symbol of the tropical dream center.
The midground shows the Wonderland maze display for the orchid show.
 It rained all day, but it started to rain too hard to have my camera out.
So we headed for lunch.
 This window shows the banyan tree, a Kijimuna or Okinawan fairy 
& Okinawa's endangered bird the Yanbaru Kuina or Okinawan Rail.
It was created by this artist. She came to one of the base libraries a few years back. My son had the opportunity to meet her, and participate in a class where she taught them to make animal art with recycled materials.
Have a Great Day!


  1. What beautiful pics! Thank you for sharing though I am jealous of your weather :)

  2. Your pictures brightened my day, I am so looking forward to spring! Thanks for sharing.


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