Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I haven't made any jewelry recently, but I made some snowflakes before Christmas.
clothespin snowflakes/stars

I started with this pin
using wood glue instead of hot glue though. That's why they are laying on wax paper to dry.

Then I brushed Elmer's school glue on to the snowflake and shook glitter where I had applied glue. I used Elmer's because it stayed wet longer than the wood glue. I still had to glue only 1/4 of the snowflake at a time, shake glitter and repeat.

HINT: If you do the sides first you still have something to hang on to. Then do the top and let it all dry. This way when you go to do the bottom you can add a bit more glue to any spots that didn't take.

Hint #2: Don't brush glue over the pile excess of glitter you plan on reusing.  I had 2 sheets of paper down: one to glue over and one to glitter over.

Then I made plastic bead snowflakes. 
I adore any project that is made 100% with things I already had in my craft room.
For these I used this youtube video.
Mine aren't exactly like hers, but again 
I only used things I already had here. So I made do and made it my own.

Finally the reason for my post today.
I'm sharing this here to avoid ruining the surprise for our snowman loving friend.

I have some truly creative friends,
 and unlike me some of them are teaching their kids their skills. 
(My son couldn't possibly care less even though he always tells me, "It's great Mom.")

This was made by my friend Vanessa and her daughter Evie. 
I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but when she posted 
her snowman family of four on facebook I was a bit envious of what she had created.
Now I've got one too! Yep, I'm that excited.
Thanks so much Vanessa.
It's the cutest sock creation I've ever seen. 
Plus it's weighted so it doesn't tip over like the ones I tried making years ago.
The candies are a bit too yummy, but I'm trying to control myself.

Before today it was still socks that were my favorite Christmas gift.
something Santa left in my stocking
 My son wanted his Domo socks in the picture too, but was too busy 
unwrapping to put them on. Silly Boy!

What did Santa bring you?

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