Friday, February 1, 2013

Chicken & Funk

I haven't been able to sit down and create a piece of jewelry since before my first craft show which was December 1st.  I've made gifts, class treats, tons of Box Tops prize packs, posters, bulletin boards, newsletters, book order reminder bookmarks, pinewood derby trophies, and on, and on, and on...but no jewelry.

I've tried exploring pinterest, flipping through old issues of Beadwork and Bead & Button and checking out my many facebook beadie groups.  I even started this post 2 weeks ago.  From the title I think I was going to share my cooking experience from this pin:  crescent chicken (This pin doesn't take you straight to it. For the direct route click HERE.) 

If you knew me in person you'd know looking for recipes is the ultimate sign of distress.  Even my child will tell a stranger, "Mom can't cook."  Oh my goodness, it's so true!  My poor husband can cook, but he'll still choke down my attempts and play sous chef when I try the next time.  (I really think he's in there to extinguish fires and prevents me from cutting off a finger.  Yep, it's happened.  Well, not the finger thing.

You know how far down in this creative funk I'm in?  ...I've cooked 2 new recipes.  The second one was actually idiot proof. Hubby handling the pepperoni crisping made it me proof anyway.  This one even kept my son from his ever so encouraging and consistent vow of, "I'm not eating that."  In his defense, he's had several deployments worth of my cooking so he's knows better than anyone else.  He learned to microwave his own bacon at 4 because I burned it 2 days in a row.  Yep, I'm like a tank in a petunia patch.  Ok enough about my inability to cook.  What to I do about my inability to even sit down with my beads? 

Oh and one more thing to scare the pants off anyone whose met me...I hired a cleaning lady. 

No worries potential bead soup partner.  I picked out a few things before my show, and bought a whole pile to go with them since.   


  1. Oh jeesh! I HATE when I'm in a FUNK! Don't despair, Ginger - you'll snap out of it. Sometimes what works for me is simply picking a small project - and forcing myself to do it. Sometimes just the act of selecting colors and finishes helps get my muse back! Good luck. And great photo walk of your craft show!

  2. I used to never cook but now I'm pretty good but the bad thing is....I got fat. :(


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