Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BSBP7 She got her beads!

This is my 3rd opportunity to participate in Lori's BSBP, but

the first appearance of my new friend, Erin "Ren" Guest.
what a beauty!
She is a talented Australian photographer who also enjoys jewelry making.
I adore this photo of hers.
Here's a great piece she just finished and shared with her fb friends.
 She's incredibly multi-talented as you can see.  
I think my favorite part is she's such a talented writer.  I really enjoy reading her blog and fb posts. 
Take the time to visit her at

She just received her soup so I can share it with you as it simmers down under.
Yes, more Pinterest packaging. I do have a problem.
 Oh and Ren...
if the flowers like to line up on the ball thing, just give 'um a little twist 
to fill in the gaps.  I've never seen anything want to line up on top so well.  
Bet if I wanted them to stack they wouldn't dare.

Without further delay the soup!
Ren's soup
the gift aka the soup I didn't finish
 Now go visit Ren
(Her words not mine.)



  1. Wow what fun! That really is a fantastic photo - what an amazing tree! Off to visit :)

  2. I went to visit too! Hey Ginger. Hope you're doing well. :)


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