Monday, December 17, 2012

It's almost Christmas!

The tree is up.
(There are presents under it now too.)
The cards are mailed.
(And seem to be arriving on time.)
I made an advent package for Miranda's swap,
(Advent numbers found here)
and received one too from Miranda herself.
Here's where I am today.
(#25 is under the tree.)
I finished the treats for the cookie exchange.
Though all my favorite cookie recipes didn't meet the allergy requirements.
So I ended up making Merry Marshrooms.
(From desperation comes inspiration, right.)

Recipe:  Dip big marshmallows in candy melts.
Immediately dip in sprinkles 
(TIP:  if you don't dip to the bottom of the dish the candy wont sully the sprinkles.)
set aside till the candy hardens

UPDATE:  So I forget everyone doesn't have the same background info I do.
There are several ways to melt Wilton candy melts, but I use a double boiler.  Actually I use one little sauce pot sitting on top of another because I refuse to pay $40 for a double boiler.  The bottom one holds water & the top one the candy melts.  I have set an electric stove eye about 1/4 the way to high and an gas stove between an 1/8 & 1/4.  Keep stirring, and it'll be perfect for dipping.

I put 3 in a treat bag.  I figure that's enough for a cavity or two.
(TIP: I cut the top off the treat bags so they are more appropriate in size 
and even cut the twist ties in half.)
I'm the baker not the chef.  SO I'm trying to figure out how to ask my dear husband
if he could make a turkey for Christmas.  He made 2 beautiful hams like this one for Thanksgiving, 
but I'd really like some turkey.

All the gifts that have arrived are wrapped.
Nope!  Hubby just called and said he has another box.
Good thing I didn't put the wrapping supplies up yet.
I found a bunch of great gift tags on pinterest if you need a few

Merry Christmas from me and my guys!


  1. Great picture of your fellas Ginger! And it looks like you are in full swing of the holiday spirit! Merry Christmas!

  2. Beautiful tree, delicious treats and presents! Merry Christmas Ginger, seasons greetings to you and your guys!

  3. Great pictures and goodies!!! The marshmallows look YUM.


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