Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Bead Table Blog Hop

A very long time ago I signed up for a challenge with Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures.  I paid a very small fee and received a surprise kit in the mail.  Which I talked about here.

Somewhere during the time I spent stewing on my ideas, and creating these pieces Lisa went and set up a whole new blog called A Grateful Artist.  Take time when you are done here to stop by her blog for a visit.  If you can, check out some of the other talented gals who participated in this challenge too.  

Anyway months after receiving the beads I am here to show you what my odd, little mind created with them.  Some of the pieces still need some work, but some of them I am quite proud of.   Heck as many times as these beads were lost, buried alive, spilled and forgotten I'm proud that most of them found a place to belong.  

Here's what I stared with:
Here's what's left:
Why are long necklaces so hard to photograph?
And here are the pieces in no particular order.
Necklace that's missing something.
Dangles from missing piece necklace
more detail of missing piece necklace
stretchy bracelet
ring & first attempt at crazy wire wrapping
not one for those who like to put their hands in their pockets, but so fun
the one little man took
earrings for the funky girl
more earrings
fall earrings
more earrings, but this time with matching bracelet
tiny drop necklace close-up
see very petite on 20in chain
Cha-Cha bangle
AHH!  I didn't finish wrapping behind the bottom stone.
Sometimes pictures talk too much!
This is just bad lighting, but should I let it naturally patina or spray it so it stay's shiny?
Inspired by Bones Season 1.  I miss that crazy, chunky jewelry.
Yes, only the chips were from the kit, but the rest was all in my stash.
Here's where that necklace started when I was debating back of the neck options.
 It's funny how things evolve especially when you are given this long to stew on it.
Did I tell you I've had this kit since August?

Ok that was 13 pieces.  I didn't even notice I made 13 pieces till I finished this post.  Yeah me!  And a big hug for Lisa who gave me this challenge.  Thanks so much Lisa for the kit, and all the work you put into the blog hop.

So which piece is your favorite?
I'm still deciding.


My Bead Table Blog Hop

Your Host: Lisa Lodge

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  1. Whoa! that's a ton of stuff!!! My fav: the ring :)

  2. Oooo.. Very, very nice Ginger! I'm impressed with how you used almost all of the beads. We received somewhat similar batches, so it's fun to see what you created. The ring and firefly are my favorites! Nice job on the wire wrapping on the Cha-Cha bangle too. :)

  3. You really made a mic e mix of items with your collection of beads!

  4. Lisa should be very proud of you. To create a whole jewelry line from her mix, is amazing, but not surprising from such a creative lady as you! By far and away, the firefly is my favorite. Love how you interpreted the look with those wings!!

  5. Wow Ginger!!! You really used up your beads soup. I'm absolutely loving your wire-wrapped pieces. Great work!

  6. Ginger you rocked this challenge. They are all great pieces and so many to choose a favorite from, but I really like the missing something necklace, which I do not think it is missing a thing.

  7. Holy cow, you are amazing. You must have been crazy busy. My favourite piece is the ring, no the tiny drop necklace, no the funky earrings....arghh no it's firefiy. Ahhh do I have to choose...I love them all. You did amazing work!

  8. WOW what a line up! really loving the wire wrap ring (so cute to have the wire coming out of the bead!) and that bangle - wonderful!

  9. Wow, I can't believe how much you made!! I love the crazy wrapping, both the bracelet and the ring.

  10. Holy Moly! What a pile of gorgeousness! Love the key earrings. You had so many great and different pieces, it was just pure eye candy. I know you made it as a ring, but I would totally use that on my key ring, so I would see it all the time. The tiny drop necklace is just so delicate and pretty.

  11. Wow, you were very busy....13 pieces amazing. I really like the ChaCha bracelet.

  12. That is an AMAZING amount of jewelry!! And here I just made a paltry 5 pieces. The Chacha bangle bracelet is my favorite.

  13. Wow, Ginger, I think you put all of us to shame! Your pieces are all gorgeous. I think I like the Bones necklace the best (I love that show also), followed by your wire wrapped bracelet and the chip necklace. All of them are amazing, though. As a matter of fact, I am going to scroll up again and just drool. :)

  14. I like the cha cha bracelet and love copper. I'd spray it so it stays shiny. :)

  15. WOW! I am so proud I am walking around the house saying "My blog hop participants are AWESOME! They make the very best jewelry EVER!" (Too bad there is no one here to hear it, except my hubby). He said I look like a proud momma hen! Thirteen pieces - are you KIDDING me? Everything looks so nice. I am in love with the firefly the most. Thanks for being in the hop! :-)

  16. Whoah! You totally rocked the house. And yes, long necklaces are IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. I think that is my favorite piece. That firefly is brilliant use of the petals, which had me stumped. And I love love the ring, and want to try crazy wire wrapping, too. Are there instructions anywhere, or will my insanity provide the foundation? I especially like "meeting" you in person after the lovely comments you've left on my blog.

  17. Girl - you HAVE been cooking with that bead soup! I am in awe of how many pieces you created with that lovely mix. I think my favorite is the starfish earrings with matching bracelet. Well done!

  18. You did an amazing job - 13 pieces!! Love the wire wrapping and your firefly necklace!

  19. Oh Ginger - I love all of your pieces! If I had to play favorites, though, I would have to pick the firefly (love how you used the petals)...or cha-cha bracelet...or the first necklace...ok - I love them all! Great job!

    :) Molly

  20. Wow 13 what a lucky number.They are all so very beautiful.Love and hugs

  21. Holy Cow Smokes Batman - you're a designing fool!! And a good one too,...I love all your pieces. Okay,..favorites,...your long 'missing necklace' looks really nice, not missing anything at all; the funky girl earrings are super fun, the cha-cha bracelet is beautiful and I like all the shiny copper so that's a toss up as to whether to darken it or not,...hmmm - can't decide. The fire fly and wire wrapped ring are just too amazing - love both of those! Oh,..and "the one little man took",...I can see why!! Great use of all the beads in your bead table stash and lovely jewelry - all around!

  22. Okay Ginger you just blew me away! I love all that you created and I have to say that firefly is ingenious!!!


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