Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm not wasting my time online!

We've all heard, "inspiration can come from anywhere." Since I started blogging this year I feel I'm always on the computer.  I've learned so much so fast from pinterest, facebook, fb groups, other's blogs, etc. that I can't keep up with it all.  When an idea sticks, and keeps coming up to the front of my mind I have to try it.  Here's a few things I've tried recently:
fun fur
Here's the source which I found on pinterest.  Her's is better.  It's hard for me to gather supplies here.  I got lucky and walked in to find the green fun fur at my local craft store.  I had to wait a month for a boat to bring more wreath forms to that craft store.  We wont talk about what I paid for the flowers that were sold individually at my favorite Japanese bead shop. Then I used headpins to attach the flowers because all my straight pins have vanished.  Despite all that I love it so much!
  Next up polymer clay. I've been meaning to play with the bits I have here & then when the local craft shop posted on their facebook page that they had a shipment of Sculpy III I was in route within 15 minutes of reading it.  They haven't carried it in about a year.  I've been waiting and putting in requests so I refused to let them sell out before I got there.  You should know this craft shop is the only thing like a Micheal's, Jo-Anne's, Hobby Lobby I've found on this island.  I've shared my first polymer clay bead here, but what I want to show you is the ring my son made for me while we played with "ok not play-doh" together.
Love ring from my son
Now I want to share what I spent my birthday creating.  I got this great pattern from FDEkszer.  It's called Boho Bangle.  I found Viktoria Szabo through one of my facebook groups which lead me to her page, FDEkszer, where I found a link to this tutorial in her etsy shop.  I'm trying again with delicas like the pattern says, but I'm obsessed with this color combo right now.
Before I even bought Viktoria's pattern, I visited a group of blogs who experimented with stacked bracelets.  I was inspired to make a few with the paper beads I made a while back.  Here's more pictures of my Boho Bangle with my other new bangles.  By the way, I have huge hands for a girl.  I haven't had a bangle bracelet since I was a child because I can't get any over my hand.  That being said you can imagine the excitement by being able to make my own.     
Yes, I know better than to wear these together, but I was trying to take advantage of the peek-a-boo sunshine we have during rainy season.  So, it's nothing fancy today, but they sure were a lot of fun.


  1. I love that wreath! I can see why you had to make it! As for the bangles, I'm loving them ... I also discovered FDEkszer through FB and plan to try one of her patterns soon. I like the way yours turned out!

  2. These are awesome! And I agree, there is SO much time I spend online, and I try to do most of it at night, but I get sucked in!

  3. I am with can be a huge time-sink spending too much time online. Once I get started, it is hard to pull myself away....but I want to visit my friend's blogs! :-)
    I love your little heart ring - so sweet! And your new bracelets are so beautiful.


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