Saturday, July 7, 2012

Finally Finished Something-YEAH ME!

I have been in a rut.  Actually I've been avoiding my bead table so I grab a few things and go somewhere else to work.  It's been good to finish some things I've piled up the supplies for, but never finished or at times even started.  
First I'll show you my summer anklet and the other bits and evolved while I sat there mesmorized by my first episode of Fairly Legal.  (Yep, I have Japanese cable so I'm a little behind the times.)

Anyway, here's the pieces made with my husband's beach finds that are "round & already have a hole.  So you could do something with that, right?"
This picture shows a bracelet, anklet & pair of earrings.  I only used Hubby's "round things", waxed cord, a pair of earring findings, 10 jumprings, 4 glass drops, a pair of scissors and a pair of pliers.  I love projects that don't require a ton of supplies.  The time consuming part of this project was digging out all the beachy bits that didn't wash out of the spirals

Next are the trees of life.  The smallest (center) I made in a class with
the fantastic Tammy Marsh of Lady Eireland about a month ago.
The others I created with my sample and a tiny scrap of paper's worth of notes.  The purple one was made on a day when I was really sad and upset despite knowing I was surrounded by love.  It was inspired by the tree Robin Williams' wife painted in What Dreams May Come.
The last (below) was just an effort to create something not my style which are always the first things my friends are drawn to when they go through my collection to chose a gift.
Not too shabby for my 2nd wire wrapping project ever.  Yep I've wire wrapped a pair of earrings and these.  Definately a skill I will continue to develop.

Last was finally finishing off a kumihimo braid.

It's not perfect, but it's done and that is good enough.  


  1. I have always wanted a tree of life, even though you made the purple when you were feeling down it is beautiful, they all are. Great work. The beach finds are fun and great for summer and the kumihimo is beautiful. Yeah finished projects!

  2. Hi Ginger,
    These are all beautiful pieces. I love the Trees of Life so pretty.


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